Romantic Lace dress, Elegant Princess Dream

Laces are synonymous with elegance, femininity and flirtatiousness. There are variety of lace fabrics available for women’s skater dresses. From metallic laces to sheer soft laces, all of them project the delicate and feminine side of you. There was a time when lace was used merely as an additional decorative element for clothing, specially for the bride, but the beautiful laces have come a long way and we find entire skater dresses made of lace these days. There are also sexy skater dresses that feature a mix of laces in layers or two piece combinations.

women's skirts
Asymmetric Hem See-Through Plain Flared Maxi Skirt

Carrying a lace dress is elegant and this is the reason many women wear a full lace dress for a casual look as well as any special formal or office occasion. The dress can hug the figure of your body with its intricate designs and looks like princess if  paired well with the right accessories. Bringing about a good balance between the lace and accessories you wear with it is the key to successfully carrying a lace dress.

Keyhole style dress with a retro and vintage feel makes fair skin and artistic temperament.The material of this dress is stretchy and comfortably .Also, you can accentuate your physical features by choosing the right lace dress or can go really wrong with it if you ignore the small details.

sexy skirts
Exquisite Embossed Plain Mermaid Midi Skirt

Great lace dresses you can wear depends on your body type or the look you want to achieve. This lace floral elegant dress features eyelash lace and slimming sheath style with full zip back.Smoke gray is fashionable color in 2018.

A tiered lace dress can be found in different necklines and waistlines but the skirt is always voluminous and full of pleated style. The tiered lace dress looks best if you have broad shoulders and narrow waist. The heavy skirt will give you enough volume at the waist and the strap will make your shoulders look slim.

How To Wear A Slit Dress Or Pants?

Dresses and pants with slits are actually a rather classic formal look—and have been sexy styling details. While the thigh-high slits may resonate on the red carpet, in real life you can get a lot of bang for your fashion buck with a more modest slit that’s not quite so dramatic. Here are some stylish tips on how to wear women’s bottoms with slits.

Casual Pants
Embroidery Patch Wide-Leg High-Rise Slit Casual Pants

High slit color block denim dress feels cool.The yellow fabric of polyester is very soft and smooth.Stitching on the fabric of the denim has a modern feeling.There is also a handsome ribbed style to make the skirt more fashionable.The front open slit makes the legs look very sexy!

Vertical stripe pocket side slit pants uses ethnic stripe to show thinner. And slit is just up to a proper height,so others won’t find these baggy pants have slits at the sides until you walk or sit down. Wearing this pair of pants can be sexy in summer, but not too hot.

This pair of pants lets you walk with wind and shows unique personality.Open slits up to thigh on both sides looks cool and fits perfectly to avoid accidental exposure.There are also a number of silver clasps with rustic charm as ornaments to make the pants interesting! You can pose so easily for photos.

Casual Pants
Embroidery Patch Wide-Leg High-Rise Slit Casual Pants

Ribbed side lace up denim pants styled with fishnet stockings looks cool. Lace-Up design looks super sexy. You can also lace it to 100% fit for your bodyshape.Easy to pair with t-shirts, blouse or crop tops, cute with your heels, flats or ankle booties.

A lace slit dress features slide slit, open back, round neck and sleeveless design.Completely adjustable strap to suit your need in different occasions. Soft breathable spandex lining offers all-day comfort. Good to pair with flesh-colored short bottoms for women.

Slit side button pencil pants are cheap bottoms for women in Berrylook. The pants combine sport and casual style, fashionable and unique.

The Best Jewelry Trends This Summer

Have a look at some shiny and trendy jewelry accessories this summer. So the temperature rises and we are forced to wear lightweight garments, but how to make us look fashion and chic? The fashion jewelry can brighten up you image and underline your uniqueness. Here are some women’s jewelry to help you figure out what are your favorites.

White Pearl Rhinestone Necklace

NO.1 Yeah Jewelry

Yeah Jewelry dedicates to make a relaxed design brand, emphasizing  originality and creativity of the product,and always adheres to hand-made jewelry in order to ensure the quality and uniqueness of each piece of jewelry in quality.

The Lilliputian jewelry collections is inspired by the small inhabitants of the hypothetical world in Gullivers Travels. Small decorations may seem little, but when you focus on them, they are magnified in front of your eyes.

Sitting on the moon, a man says to himself..This necklace is delicate and lovely.The man on the jewelry is not bigger than a fingernail, and you can clearly see his body in detail. How difficult to make such a delicate necklace!

Three Layers Stone Pendant Necklaces


Keep you eyes on rings.Here are presented a pearl mounted on a fine golden ring with a timeless and femine allure. A touch of clear golden lines around the ring lends a soft sparkle to this sophisticated design.

NO.3 Rib

I think “You are my rib”is a beautiful love word. This is the first word Adam said to Eve after God created Eve with Adam’s ribs.

Fine, hand-made bone in detail is a focus of the design. If you have met your soulmate, you can put this ring on his hand, or if you haven’t met that person, give it to yourself. Let it be with you waiting for your ribs to come!

This gold-plated ring shapes like a slightly open mouth. Try this unique ring to keep you cool during hot days. High quality, delicate craftsmanship.

Evening Dresses For Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is on the way. Besides looking forward to bonuses, ladies are more concerned about what evening dresses for women they wear at the annual meeting. I wanna share with you my favorite collection of evening dresses and gowns for work events and cocktail parties.

Evening Dresses
Band Collar Plain Polyester Evening Dresses

You can go for a classic black dress and a conservative look. Karl Lagerfeld once said one is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress. This dress combines retro and modern styles to be teamed with vertical stripes on cuffs and hems. All in all, make you next formal event a memorable one.

A black backless bodycon dress looks sexy styled with straps and laces to make you look like an elegant Hollywood star. Multilayer cascade skirt conceals bulky figure to make you look taller and slim.

How can you be a Queen without a crown? Try on a shift dress with a beautiful crown print design on the neck. Hollow black lace fitted thigh-length evening dress looks terrific in a black tie party.

Evening Dress
Round Neck Decorative Lace Plain Evening Dress

You either go for a bold purple pencil dress with a black lrather belt. A refined and grace purple ensemble embellished with sequins looks terrific styled with open-toe blush heel

Lace is a timeless element. Bowknot multi-layer type, A-line skirt, side zipper, black satin lining can achieve your dreams.Complete the outfit by adding rich acceessories, like diamond earrings, trendy bracelets.

Pale green  cheap evening  dress with the silks and satins indicates luxuriant nobility and brings you different elegant temperament.

V-Neck Plain Polyester Evening Dresses
Evening Dresses

Red dress with beautiful floral print is an ideal choice. Red can flatter you rosy cheeks and outline shapely. You can pair it with wrap ribbed knit cardi-coat or lace-embroided retro handbag.

Try on a sleeveless dress in cram color will expose wide shoulders. Simple style has a kind of feminine charm. Multi-layered lace fits floral design on the chest, which can bring out your charms and attractive temperament.

Style Tips On How To Wear Trench Coat For Spring

If it is chilly outside,a heavy double-breasted trench coat can bestead you against cold. A cheap trench coat is a must-have piece in your closet,not only because they’re practical and stylish whether it’s waterproof or made of wool, but also because the glamour and heritage of the overlapping trench coats for women is the quintessential lady’s style. Trench coats are offered in many designs. So how to wear a trench coat perfectly?

Long Sleeve Trench Coats
Double Breasted Belt Long Sleeve Trench Coats

Neat clean and professional trench coat is a favourite of many businesswomen. As a chic staple, it can makes you look capable and experienced. Complete a sophisticated and capable look by adding long boots and brown handbag

Flowing lines, use of crisp suit lapel and plaid fabric brings you a neat and clean image. Mid-length trench coat wraps body around and keeps out the cold. The trim-fitting shape can show off your figure to perfection.

Pair it with long boots with block heels, which makes walking pretty comfortable. Snap closure ankle zippers slip is comfortably over your boots.

Long Sleeve Trench Coats
Lapel Double Breasted Belt Plaid Long Sleeve Trench Coats

If you want a somewhat England style, a black coat styled with high waisted leather pants can outline your feminine curves. Tight leggings make you a rock and roll star.

With combination of fur and woolen fabrics, you can be dressed in smart, functional and comfortable outfits. High-end fur with mental buckles increases a skin increased nifty.

High waist design looks tall naturally and shows your curves.This tight legging features the extremely special patterned fabric, highlighting modern ladies’elegance, tender and intellectuality.

trench coats for women
Solid Lapel Pocket Belt Wrap Trench Coat

V-neck design can highlight your swan-like neck and lift face to make you look slimmer. Long, three-quarter or cap sleeves can obscure full upper arms.

Diamond-studded heels is bling — pure luxury. The sexy stiletto heel looks like feminine slender waist to create a touching picture.


How To Wear A Jacket With Stlye In Spring

Spring jackets for women are a classic wardrobe staple,but you know there are a lot of options out there — and many of them are questionable.If you’re struggling with how to wear fashion jackets, this quick and easy style guide is what you need.

Knitting Jackets
Round Neck Solid Puff Sleeve Knitting Jackets

A Trim-fitting lambswool Jacket

It’s a trim-fitting insulating jacket that can be worn as a layer under a hard shell to provide warmth, or by itself as a wind and water-resistant jacket.

Soft and comfortable, fleece layer inside keeps warm. Selection of high-grade canvas fabric, breathable comfort. Short and wide-lapel jacket keeps warm because sleeves are tight around the arms to keep out the wind, and the ‘horse-hoof’ shaped cuffs flared out to protect the hands. The new prints on the back will bring out the beast in you that′s yearning to break free.

Fine fleece inside combines with leather outside,warm and handsome. Short jacket with a turtleneck keeps out the cold. Fur collar and cuffs have a vintage and antique flavor.

Long Sleeve Jackets
Beading Flap Pocket Plain Long Sleeve Jackets

Japanese Denim Jacket

A slimmed down jacket with a classic white tee is still a winning combo.High-end denim fabric with simple style has a kind of neutral charm. Embroidered prints and hole elements in detail creates a image of cool, adventure and rugged individualism.

Hooded casual jackets for women are loose and comfy. Besides elegant green as main colour, white lines on both sleeves uese somewhat preppy style, sending out green breath. Embroidered pattern and inside pocket gives a taste of American street style.

Long Sleeve Jackets
Abstract Print Long Sleeve Jackets

Baseball Jacket

Waxy and comfortable, mimic floss silk keeps warm.With its simple style, attractive shape, wrinkle-resistant and wind-proof fabrics, soft and smooth, floral prints with basic color, it takes good advantage of winning the majority of young love.

Hard leather create a full three-dimensional fabrics, simple style is versatile, classy. The jacquard techniques and water proof fabrics also add luxury and dignity.

Fashion jackets can make you a chic trendsetter, making androgyny seem sexy and even safe.

How To Wear Blazers With Contrast Color Matches?

Is the typical career women with refreshing simplicity and elegance, then the new year will still continue this tradition of style? Fashion blazers with clashing colours say no. Business suits with contrast sleeves and color blocking can dig out your unique character. Here are some style tips on how to wear casual blazers for women.

Single Button Blazer
Elegant Contrast Trim Single Button Blazer

Low-key Colour Matches

The low-key color may not fascinate you at first glance, but the perfect texture and elegant design makes you unable to refuse it at second glance. And the comfy and neat blazer is the permanent resident of your wardrobe and the ideal staple to hotfoot it around the city when the autumnal wind is whistling or the spring rain is pouring down on you.

Go to work in conformist cloths? Why not learn to embrace your non-conformist side, to relish in being a bit different? Colour clashes is chic and fashion, shows love for ever-changing style.

Print Blazers
Collarless Contrast Trim Print Blazers

Bold Colour Matches

This year’s blazers are longer, more simple lines capable. Succinct line and contrast colour matching is generous. Styling details is not heavy and complicated instead win more popular. This blazer is circulating so vigorously these days as a piece of stylist outfit.

With a minimalism philosophy, these cheap blazers for women outlines graceful feminine curves for edges that are modern and chic, sharp and fashionable.The lightweight fabric of theblazer and their thigh length hemlines are very effective for easy movements.

Notch Lapel Color Block Long Sleeve Blazers
Long Sleeve Blazers

Colour Matches With Pleated Hem

This blazer with clashing colours and pleated hem makes you obtain the good savor with perfect model, high quality, middle-grade price.

Whether you want show unique personality or create beauty in life, this colour clashing suits should suit you perfectly, and meet your needs.

How To Dress: Outerwear For Women

You want bright colour and clean lines——outerwear for women can give you a new look in spring. Spring gives coloured women’s outerwear a modern, grownup feel by opting for soft and tonal shades. Light pink baseball jacket and muted red outerwear on sale can be the unlikely linchpins to your wardrobe when paired with coloured pumps or neutral tees.

Long Sleeve Jackets
Patchwork Zips Chain Long Sleeve Jackets

Round neck baseball jacket made of organic cotton is chic and wrinkle resistant. Fine thread pocket is practical with subtly designed embroidery.

A nice short leather jacket is a chic staple in your closet. Show your unique character and glamour. Pair it with cowboy boots shows rugged style. This shape combo gives girls different boylish good looks. Loose and comfy shape with simple  wide lapel is a bright spot to make you look slimmer. Inside pocket and zipper are designed for durability.

Long Sleeve Jackets
Fold-Over Collar Zips Plain Long Sleeve Jackets

Short coat with simple standing collar uses suede fabric. Elastic and waxy material is comfortable to wear.The biggest merit is light and ventilate. The color, style and material stand out the individuality. A classic coat is a basic item which is suitable for a variety styles and occasions.

Korean light pink baseball jacket in preppy style is young and stylish. This loose jacket styled with white tee and classical sheathy jeans with holes on it is suitable for streetsnaps. Loose jacket can obscure full thighs and embroidered prints shows passion for popular culture and infuses design with irreverence, color and energy.

Printed Bomber Jacket
Band Collar Pocket Printed Bomber Jacket

Round head ballet flat shoes made of top matte-finish cowhide feels comfy and tough. Ballet flats can also be worn with everything. Less trendy but elegant chic for a casual classical polished look. Buy them in a shiny colour to make them more hip.

Fresh latest short baseball with contrast colour matches is a favourite of trendy girls. Pair it with a hoodie can make you young and preppy. Breathable fabrics brings your green breath.

Cute Jumpsuits For Women

If you are not good at match different fashion items,why not try on cute jumpsuits? A casual jumpsuit turns you qickly into a fshionable talent. Today, let’s take a look at these stylish and elegant jumpsuits for sale in Berrylook.

Wide-Leg Jumpsuit
Split Neck Plain High Slit Single Breasted Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

This blue tweed plaid jumpsuit with semi-high collar fits figure well. The belt shows slim waistline and cover bulky shape.Wide shoulder shape has a celebrity temperament

You can be smarlty dressed in this three-piece suit. Block colour vest imrproves your temperament to a new level.Double rows of buttons can tighten waist and look boyfiend. Knitted sweater with elegant round neck brings elegant attractive feminine charm.

Here we see a classic two-piece suit comes into fashion again. First-class woolen fabric feels waxy ,smooth and breathable. A block color is suitable in formal or casual occasions. Pair it with plaid skirt to complete a ladylike and lovely look.

casual jumpsuits
Loose Fitting Chiffon Plain Jumpsuits

Round neck and loose shape add a touch of leisure to this knitted s suit.Simple block color combines elegance and feminine style. Cotton texture brings soft touch and comfortable wear.

Elegant and boyfriend, this fabric has anasymmetrical draping feeling. The strap on the waist is retro and all sorts of scattered decorative touches add to the eccentricity and artistry of this suit.

If fine knitwear is suitable to wear inside, then rough knitted suit fits well outside. Vintage  braided pattern creates strong aesthetic feeling of vision. Pale blue with high collar is retro and elegant.

Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Black Velvet Push Up Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Have a look at Baggy sleeve high collar sweater styled with houndstooth jumper dress. Waxy and loose, this sweater is made of staple blended yarn. High collar can keep warm and shows narrower faces. Fashionable sleeve has vertical strip and houndstooth jumper dress is classic and chic.

If you are  a big proponent of minimalism,you may like this simple but stylish suit with a bow on the waist.

why not try on cute jumpsuits?

Must Have: Awesome Pearl Jewelry

Keep it chic, glamour and elegant by wearing these fabulous pearl jewelry. Here we see retro and elegant items that will flatter your vintage evening dress or retro looking shift dress, as well as pearl accessories in edgy design to brighten up your modern looking dress. In short, women’s accessories,especially pearly jewelry is timeless and never fade away.

Pearls are a symbol of beauty and chastity.

Pearl Earrings
Silver Plated Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earring

Select high-quality bright and crystal garnet linked with exquisite pearl to bring a retro touch.

Retro pearl earrings use high-quality Japanese seawater pearl. Glossy and splendor, it is inlaid with 18k gold. The design is tasteful and restrained. This earring is excellent not only in model but also in quality with polishing treatment for a comfortable fit.

Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklace used to a favourite of members of the high society. Now you still find innovative and unique use of pearl by designers in their work. A chain of pearls wrap around girl’sneck, providing a stunning and elegant look.

Rhinestone Necklace
White Pearl Rhinestone Necklace

Akoya pearl is shiny and smooth, 8mm in diameter,and have unique gloden scalloped embellishment wrapping around pearl. The brightness of pearl contrasts so exquisitely with the gloosiness of gold.

Japanese seawater pearl necklace is inlaid with three pearls and retures to a classic line design. It resembles calm and firm temperament of mature women.

aesthetic appeal

Pearl Ring

It’s a pearl surrounded by blue sapphires set in white gold.A delicate ring in retro European palace style has a wavy floral shape. If you admire retro style, you can’t miss it.Plays on color and texture are also part of these exceptional fashion accessories, especially with pearly adding delicate tones. Highly recommend more women’s accessories online in Berrylook