Bloggers on Instagram all wear cardigans

Those who like to browse INS can find that KOL in Europe and America are wearing this cardigan. Womens cardigans are too corky but become fashionable now?

Collarless Feather Long Sleeve Cardigans
Collarless Feather Long Sleeve Cardigans


Li Yuchun choses the sweater cardigan with a full-bodied color and white pants outfit highlighted the key of half body, plus certain bull-puncher cap, so whole body is fashionable quite.

If you want to relax a little bit, the fisherman hat and plain knit sweater are also very good-looking. Zhou Dongyu’s airport Look is good!

Animal grain design is in this year heat and still does not reduce. Yang Chaoyue chooses cardigan of sweater of leopard grain of a pink, which is very nippy. Jeans and small white shoes also are the sheet with very girl feeling.

The feeling of restoring ancient ways of cardigan is stronger and sweaters unexpectedly also have unexpected modern feeling!

Patch Pocket Single Breasted Plain Cardigans
Patch Pocket Single Breasted Plain Cardigans

Actually, sweater cardigan is early a few years ago very popular and people always likes to match skirt outfit with long cardigan, showing the visual sense!

Or you can wear coat directly. The outspread feeling that broad-leg pants take lets whole person’s scale very elongate.

Now, streetwear fans prefer to add a decorative belt to long cheap cardigans to stretch out the waistline and add a touch of haute couture.

Short womens cardigans can match high collar unlined upper garment inside, showing temperament very much ~

Aren’t you tired of your T-shirt?

Seeing the summer slip away day by day, finally you can pack up summer T-shirt! If you’re tired of long sleeve t-shirts and don’t know what new items to buy, check out who the stars are picking.

Turtle Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Turtle Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts


T-shirt is too boring, and you might as well like Jiang Shuying to try such elegant and chic gentle blouse! Unlike shirts and T-shirts, they are generally loose and tight at either the collar or cuffs. By comparison, do you find it ‘Blouse+ jeans’ particularly feminine?

Today I recommend 3 suitable collocation for early autumn, and quickly come down to Mark it!

Round Neck Patchwork Lace Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Round Neck Patchwork Lace Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Printed flower.

In the summer we can finally justify the abandonment of black and white gray into the embrace of printing! Beautiful prints can highlight your good looking. Asian blogger Aimee Song knows this, with the handsome jeans and sweet prints together, and it is so chic.

Elegant collar type.

Designers have been doing their homework on the neckline ever since last year’s one-shoulder craze. Pure and fresh one word shoulder can show the line of shoulder neck and heat does not decrease all the time. Retro square collars are also a favorite Pick item for chic.

Sleeve shape.

The sleeve variety seems to be more manageable than the collar variety. The exaggerated bubble sleeves selected by Liu Wen and Amiee Song are super retro while the graceful trumpet sleeves seem to be more suitable for creating a gentle image of a girl.

Do you know which long sleeve T-shirts should be chosen? Leave a message and let me know!

A beautiful sheath dress makes you glamour!

Sexy bodycon dresses are very sexy and v-neck design can highlight the woman’s exquisite collarbone. A black beautiful hair is also very eye-catching, plus full of modern fashion makeup, so the whole look gives a girl full visual sense!

Round Neck Flounce Plain Raglan Sleeve Bodycon Dress
Round Neck Flounce Plain Raglan Sleeve Bodycon Dress

Korean model Piao Zhengyun’s dress is also very beautiful, and there is a jujube red sweater in the upper body and a print tight skirt in lower body, with legs wearing a pair of attractive black stockings. Such dress very promotes temperament and is one of the most beautiful dresses.

The tight skirt shows delicate air and lightsome material also is simple, adding the clipping of cultivate one’s morality can hide abdomen better. Super beauty is fed up with and highlight vogue fan and it is the tight skirt that is worth to love beautiful girl to have.

Round Neck Floral Printed Bodycon Dress
Round Neck Floral Printed Bodycon Dress

The reason why the tight skirt is so attractive is that slim version can interpret the unique charm of women. Moreover, the combination with high heels also shows the super temperament. The upper body shows the thinness and youthful vigor, which is the most beautiful scenery wherever you go!

This red sheath dress from the outside, can give a person a kind of enthusiastic like the aesthetic feeling of fire. Add two thin shoulder straps to decorate the shoulder of the woman on the vision. I have to say, sexy bodycon dresses are very melting, and show you beauty absolutely!

Windbreaker creates fashion

Windbreaker has always been the pronoun of gentle and versatile. Elegant and natural trench coats of course should not to be missed in early autumn. After a period of improvement, cool trench coats can highlight autumn, which is elegant full. Every year have new change, but we should say classic is able to bear or endure!

Wrap my little windbreaker tight.

These two years the most popular fashion is oversized style, and still be fashionable this autumn. But it won’t be the most stylish!

Hooded Floral Printed Trench Coat
Hooded Floral Printed Trench Coat

This year’s trench coat is not only as a coat but can lead the whole look. The trench coat that tie up like a stylish dress and wrapping tight trench coat is probably the most popular way of wearing this year.

Band design is not only a good decoration for the simple trench coat to add more details, but also has a very good shape, emphasizing the tight package of the waist and showing very long legs.

The advantage that wears warping windbreaker is to look handsome, having the design of tall fork and very sexy. The plain windbreaker of dark color, tie-in a pair of jump lubricious high heel socks boots then you do not be afraid of not standing out on fashionable way.

The look of close windbreaker and sweet shoulder small dew also have amorous feelings, contracted a piece of windbreaker. With a smart dress, you can become a fashion blogger in a second. Wear a belt, and if you wear a newsboy’s hat, the fashion comes out. Wind dress does not suit strictly and proper show skin can have fashionable feeling more.

In terms of material selection, in addition to the regular canvas fabric, we can also choose the leather windbreaker. The material is much stiff, which avoids the sexy wrapped body leather skirt and is also great.

Go for a daily party with A big wave and a burgundy look. The look itself is a head-to-toe line with narrow shoulders, wide waist and wider hem. In particular, it can cover up the flesh on the legs and buttocks that a-type girls don’t like very much, and then give full play to the biggest advantage of a-type girls’ bodies.

cheap trench coats for women

cheap trench coats for women

You want deep V, long legs, wrapped wearing trench coat can give you all and it is recommended to have a wrapping ultra-long style trench coat with a pair of high heels or high boots. Pulling up the overall proportion is not out of fashion.

French style is different because it itself is very simple and low-key, so just form a neutralization, complementary sense.

The fashionable girl has worn it long ago and has been indulging it for a long time.

Choose it to serve as duty field outfit and reincarnate “elite of elegant PI”. It is the female Boss that can step on high-heeled shoes and battle of wits of a gang of men. Daily collocation is very easy!

Sport coats.

Coat serves as the dress, although it is hot in summer in the cool autumn, the perfect fusion of warm soft fabric and red let the elegant and intellectual temperament perfect show.

Skirt dress is very suitable for autumn and the body has a better inclusive.  Slightly fat sister can also look slim. GIGI is no exception.

Wear a stretchy blazer that covers your arms, hips and thighs, and a pair of stylish boots.

Lady style is no exception.

Thin fabrics are more suitable for early autumn, because the wind dress is very much like cool trench coats and will become very heavy. Organza and satin are perfect for early autumn.

The length of the skirt should be long and big skirt places a feeling to restore ancient ways, but in the vision can resemble a windbreaker more than a dress.

The way you dress is so popular. Are you ready to wrap up your cool trench coats this year?

Hoodie and skirt can make you beautiful and comfortable

For the most versatile outfit, the first choice is a hoodie, in winter and spring and summer. A hipster wears womens hoodies in style.          

Especially the collocation with gauze skirt, the item that won’t contrast these two styles strongly before but Lin Zhi Ling is patted recently in using a shallow gray sweater to match dark gray long gauze skirt, which is beautiful and advanced again.

Hooded Animal Prints Hoodie
Hooded Animal Prints Hoodie

Not long ago Li Bingbing also is like this, which is blue hooded hoodie matching black gauze skirt to be athletic and recreational.

This is very popular abroad, if you feel two kinds of items are incoherent really, you can try to be united in color and look more natural.

Choose a short hooded top that elongates your legs with a high-waisted skirt is easily proportioned.

If you want to be youthful and look good on your legs, you can wear short skirts. The hoodie itself is full of student air.

Collocation with jackboot is more fashionable.

Denim hemlines are fresh and easy and you can pair them with light-colored hoodies for a spring/summer look.

Besides regular skirt outfit, the skirt outfit of individual character design also can be worn completely.

Oversize hoodies are still out of date and look easy and casual, but it’s easy to wear them with short legs.

Pleated skirts have always been the favorite of girls and can always express the gentleness of girls’ heart. Wearing a thin sweater on this season creates an unprecedented feeling.

The fold skirt with metallic simple sense will match the hoodie that has printed cartoon design to also have vigor quite.

Tall waist in long skirt always can give a dot French grace fully and the hooded garment that matches recreational nevertheless also does not affect its flavor at all and won’t too sedulous.

Hooded Zips Plain Hoodies
Hooded Zips Plain Hoodies

In addition, when choosing hoodies and dresses, we should also pay attention to the choice of printing and color. If the whole body is printed or the Logo is messy, for example, if there is a slogan or Logo on the chest of the shirt, then the pure color of the dress will be visually comfortable. If it is too simple, it is better to design the style.

The style of hoodie is much the same, if you want to wear a bit different,  you can make an article on skirt, for example irregular skirt places, which can let savor promotion one big cut.

The same color department of jacket and bottom outfit chooses more whole harmony, which had better be to pull open color.

Who said long A-line skirt can only be worn on the red carpet. In life with A hoodie is not impossible, but still it is easy to show the legs short, so it is necessary to wear high heels. In addition, the choice of the best sweater is not too loose, otherwise the top and bottom are too loose without spirit.

Broken flower skirt in the season of early summer also is right choice, with chromatic cute hoodies, so the mood follows.

Girls, are you going to try this on?

Where do you get all those nice sweaters?

There is a saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. And why cute sweaters of somebody else are so pretty? In fact, their cool sweaters are also from certain places. ELLE do you a favor and tell you a truth that there is some brands that you may not know but others have bought a lot, which is the most excellent sense of design and it is worthy!

Round Neck Floral Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover
Round Neck Floral Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

The opening must show out &Other Stories ——H&M’s high-end line. &Other Stories sweaters are also untested in their ability to appeal funs. Create Your Own Fashion Stories is its focus, which means not going with other brands and every girl can create her own style. Out of Europe brand itself, the sweater that produces by it is outstanding no matter it is about appearance, edition or cost performance.

To sum up the Other Stories sweaters is to take the concept of ‘loose’ to the extreme. There’s a one-size-fits-all version of the sweater, but it balances out the size and spirit of the sweater by shortening the length and changing the sleeve shape. For example, a ginger-color sweater from web celebrity Alyssa Coscarelli, with large bat sleeves and a delicate turtleneck, was loose but not flabby, bright but not eye-catching. The dress was both inclusive and ladylike.

The sweater of &Other Stories is never to catch loose for this fashion. Different collar model, sleeve length, and close length have to be exquisite. For example, when it involves the circle rib, they use the way which widens the collar to increase the circle to get the simple sense and reduce the distortion of showing the inferior quality. When it comes to short styles, the sleeves will be lengthened to achieve the visual effect of high waist and long hands. When it comes to turtleneck sweaters, they are designed to be half turtleneck to avoid the fraying and shackling of a turtleneck.

What’s more, &other Stories sweaters look exceptionally soft and skin-friendly and don’t oversaturate the colors, which cater to the current trends of “Aqua pink” and “Morandi color.” Now everyone is keen on wearing a sense of advanced, and the advanced sense of &Other Stories is not constructed through without makeup. Its atmosphere, simplicity and a bit of laziness may not make you the focus of the whole street, but it is enough to make you a unique, comfortable and be an eye-pleasing fashion story.

Usually when it comes to sweaters, what else can you say besides one collar and two sleeves? That’s because your sweater isn’t good enough! Take a look at this British luxury niche brand, Joseph, whose sweaters don’t follow the rules, like this one from blogger Leonie Hanne, which comes with a scarf that can be wrapped up or down, and whose slanted buttons blend into the wrap’s popular design.

V-Neck Decorative Hardware Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover
V-Neck Decorative Hardware Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

In addition to sweater and scarf integration design, even the popular fair island pattern, Joseph’s designer said I do not want to have fun. With its asymmetrical blue, white and yellow pattern and sweater hem, the Fair Isle is both festive and cultural, and has its own image. Find no reason not to like it!

First a group of stereos Vinyls signature style, yes, people like to put the mood on the clothes. A little ugly, a little cute, a little creative, a little weird, a little wanted to buy.

Sometimes people sigh that the modern society makes people more and more accustomed to hide their true feelings and will practice a shape in the color of steel. And Stereo Vinyls is doing the opposite, just a few brush strokes, and the mood was magnified to show in the trend. Let a person feel this kind of magnanimous, but is a kind of lovely courage! Secretly, put on a “meng” face on clothes and walk in the street, perhaps you also can meet a few friend eyes!

Who said being cute according to age? Stereo Vinyls has a collection with Pink panther that is ethereal, spontaneous and lively. It’s a cold day and it’s all black, white and grey. It’s time for some cartoons and cartoons to sprinkle some sugar on it.

But having a pink leopard isn’t cute enough. Stereo Vinyls also works with Peanuts to bring the beloved Snoopy to black and white striped cool sweaters. Oreo attributes of color and clever cool comic strip design, sorry, the first powder for respect!

Matching these 6 striped suits will make you look stylish

Ugly stripes? That is because you haven’t really seen casual blazers for women. Hold concurrently fashionable with chic stripe, having thin effect on the vision, this is household name.

Here are 6 casual blazers for women to help you look stylish. Interested girls do not hesitate and quickly make up together to learn it.

Fold-Over Collar Double Breasted Contrast Piping Plain Long Sleeve Blazers
Fold-Over Collar Double Breasted Contrast Piping Plain Long Sleeve Blazers


Ugly stripes? Now let’s share the first of these 6 striped suits. Matching navy striped suit and striped trousers make you look elegant, feminine and intellectual. Add black wedges to your feet and you’ll be tall and beautiful in minutes. Have you learned?


Chaste and immaculate white brings a person pure and fresh and free from vulgarity breath, which is very attractive. Ugly stripes? Pick white striped suit and white wide-leg pants, and a sense of elegance comes and make you look stylish. Belt of the black on waist bundle, in a minute presents small pretty waist and let you stand out in the crowd, waiting for you to hold up.


For a little more flair, this look is sure to impress you. Picking blue striped suit and light blue jeans combines elegance with handsome to create a smart and casual style. It is also the most free and easy style of these 6 striped suits. Match cream-colored high-heeled shoes on the foot, which will add intellectual with delicate air.

Collarless Slit Pocket Plain Blazer
Collarless Slit Pocket Plain Blazer


Ugly stripes for girls? Let me teach you a move, please fast get navy blue stripe suit, and white leggings unlined upper garment, which is agile and stylish again. Lower body collocation is black jeans, there is a breath restoring ancient ways in frank sex and teach you to wear a foreign gas fan. The nine-point length of black jeans shows off the compact ankle and has a significant age-reducing effect. Go up to match black ankle boots on the foot, feminine is out.


Match the same color with the whole look. It is also in this 6 stripe suit collocation and the most admirable one and it is very grab an eye. Ugly stripes? Picking black striped suit and Burgundy hoodie makes you a sweet 18-year-old. Bottom outfit chooses black stripe trousers, all show romance and chic, which show vigor. Black ankle boots get full energy.


Let’s share the last of these 6 cheap blazers. Pick gold striped suits and blue jeans, which is stylish and will teach you how to dress well. The hemline design of jeans bottom, whose fashionable degree still is not reduced. On the foot collocation, red pointed ankle boots will make you on fire.

Ugly stripes? Matching these 6 casual blazers for women will teach you how to look stylish.

Today’s beauty leaves to the jacket to create!

Recent temperature rise, beautiful girls cannot wait to change clothes for the next season. The heart that wants to dress up beautifully is ready to move, but there is a fact that you always feel you cannot find the dress that admire in the heart to wear? Actually, this season is warm and cold. The cloth that answers season and is warm most as well as functional is by no means again women’s fashion jackets whose individual character is belonged to you. Today, I will teach you how to use cool jackets to get early spring. Learn it quickly!

Band Collar Plain Jacket
Band Collar Plain Jacket

various decoration

Nowadays, through the originality that stylist people think of wonderful idea designs, jacket breaks convention already. Stick cloth with printing and embroider adornment is distinctive bud silk even, joining together and shine brightly, be in especially now this season of early spring change seasons. Before putting on T shirt, jacket is right now undoubtedly the necessary item with most appropriate moment.

Baseball jackets have been sought after by fashionistas, coupled with printing, embroidered patterns street sense. Simple version of baseball clothing is casual.

More recommendations.

POP Fashion.

POP Fashion.


The content above comes from the 72nd issue of APM.

Band Collar Zipper Plain Jacket
Band Collar Zipper Plain Jacket

APM semimonthly, called “A POP MONSTER”, which is 2 copies a month and 24 copies a year. In order to quickly capture the popular elements as the main line, each phase of two major design theme direction and subdivision of small theme elements elaborate the main points of the development of Japanese, Korean and European women. Combined with the latest commercial styles in the Japanese and Korean markets, the hot style shopping mall that best conforms to the theme direction is recommended to meet the style reference needs of different development schedules.

The latest and most fashionable sports shoes!

A few days ago I talked about the fashionable collocation of shoe and dress and a lot of lovely girls want to see recent popular casual sneakers, so I am gonna show you! So I choose the eight latest cheap sneakers, you cannot miss and I dare not to recommend too much to you.

The new React co-branded running shoe line React Element 87, a collaboration between UNDERCOVER and Nike, has already been updated for the fall and winter 2018 women clothes event at Paris fashion week, designed by Gao Qiaodun and expected to be officially released in September 2018

Plain Flat Round Toe Casual Sneakers
Plain Flat Round Toe Casual Sneakers

This sneaker is to make someone run more comfortable, according to the exhaustion place of a person in one day, to make the foot feels more comfortable thereby, to show fashionable glamour more.

Although officials say it won’t be released until September, the two colors were given off by the company yesterday.

In June, many brands launched Pride collections to promote equal love. Converse also teamed up with American diva Miley Williams to give the playfulness a playlist with a rainbow that symbolizes LGBTQ

Featuring the silhouette of Chuck Taylor All Star, this pair of classic shoes is infused with rich colors by incorporating rainbow and color wave points. The four shoe styles of Platform High Top, 70 High Top, High Top and Low Top were given by the company.

By way of rainbow wave point, sequins and so on, the spirit of LGBTQ is emphasized and the exaggerated style of Miley Cyrus is also highlighted.

The price range is more affordable by 400+ to 700 compared to other models.

Besides shoe, they still roll out the dress fittings such as T-shirt, hoodie, cap together this time.

All proceeds from the series will be donated to LGBTQ charities and the happy hippie foundation by Miley, both of which are available on Converse’s website.

Japanese fashion house WACKO MARIA, known for its wild designs, recently teamed up with Converse to create a new set of shoes that still sport its own signature leopard pattern.

People think leopard print is hard to wear and handle, but putting it on your feet makes it really cool. Details complemented by REACT cushioning insole and non – slip TRACTIONSOLE and greatly enhance the shoes.

The interior has the words “GUILTYPARTIES” and “PARADISE” and a Converse classical star Logo.

The shoes, which will go on sale at the PARADISE TOKYO STORE and the WACKO MARIA ONLINE STORE on June 16, will set the price.

Plain Flat Velvet Round Toe Date Outdoor Sneakers
Plain Flat Velvet Round Toe Date Outdoor Sneakers

Inspired by the shoe styles of PUMA and McQ, the upper is made of black and grey with a variety of materials and a unique multi-layer outsole. The new Puma Thunder Spectra will be available at Puma’s designated stores and online stores on June 21 at a price of $120.

PUMA Thunder Spectra has launched a new color palette to coincide with the launch of the two colors. Overall color scheme unrestrained, unusual eye – catching. Shoe style is still complex, from the material to color are a variety of combinations. The price, expected to be $120, will go on sale on PUMA’s online marketplace in August.

Besides Spectra, they seamlessly launched the new PUMA Thunder Desert shoe range, which differs from the previous two by using elements such as contrasting color designs and splashes of ink, giving the same shape everyday setting.

In the shoe money that issues for the first time, they have 4 kinds of match colors and it is mint green, black, white and rice pink respectively. I think mint green is good looking personally.

The texture of the upscale suede and textured leather stitching on the uppers are highlighted, complementing PUMA’s signature layered sole units. The price of shoe money series and put on sale information to had not been announced.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the PUMA Suede Classic, PUMA has teamed up with MCM to create a joint Suede and T7 sport set, which went on sale on May 24, 2018 at 2799RMB.

The iconic bronze medal and Logo pattern of the whole series of MCM cannot be missing, which is full of retro flavor and attractive extraordinary. I like this series very much, but I didn’t buy it.

Clothing series is also about hip-hop culture tribute, and fashion and classic combination, are very cool!

Jolin comes in three colors: classic cognac, white, and red and blue.

Each pair of Suede shoes comes with two different LACES: brightly colored leather and cotton with a metal tip. The tongue features a gold and yellow bronze inlaid with the MCM Logo and a unique product number for each shoe, giving the signature of the MCM’s style.

118 pairs of ultra-limited shoes will be sold on FILA’s official website and designated flagship store in Shanghai on June 22, 2018. The price is 780RMB. Those who like Wang Yuan should pay attention to it.

But also retain the Vetements throughout the rest of the shoe body and the bottom Logo, and have two choices, black and white is 360 ° no dead Angle, is not afraid of other people don’t know if it is Vetements.

Do you love any of these casual sneakers? By the way, I’d like to wish you all a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

Recreational French clothing style is absolutely eye-catching!

Hi, New Year is coming. Through the ups and downs, we have to nirvana. In many years past, you could buy cheap clothes online, but in the New Year you have to take on a new look and be the person you want to be.

Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Women Round Neck Color Block Long Sleeve Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Women Round Neck Color Block Long Sleeve Long Sleeve T-Shirts

The most apparent is to wear, you should make full effort. Recreational French clothing style is absolutely eye-catching and fits everyone. Do good note and you will find the right womens clothing online.

If you can, hopefully this year, you can experiment with new colors. For example, you always ridicule soft pink too girly and do not match your temperament. But you do not try, how do you know in fact you are the little girl who also need someone to protect? The collocation of able and agile duty field does not fall, so soft lovely and pure and fresh pink is fastened. Ask you to remember to pick up because it can make you beautiful.

If you want to deduce handsome and elegant many-sided wearing, bright color also is indispensable. Recreational French clothing style is absolutely eye-catching and the bright yellow is comfortable. Even if how popular skirt outfit, pants outfit still is thematic. The inside of upper body takes use of brunet color, which is extremely fantastic.

Short coats are good for short people, but long coats are also good for them. Recreational French clothing style is absolutely eye-catching. Classical stripe element cooperates with pants with same color, which can let a person become excited. And long coat takes you to make the French temperament with lazy languid.

Round Neck Decorative Buttons Patchwork Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Round Neck Decorative Buttons Patchwork Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Who says hoodies are only for college students? Girls of any age, wearing a hoodie, can be 18 years old in one minute. Go out in the winter, the lens of coat is certain, so once in the winter, coat became popular again, and this lets other sheet taste is very envy. And no matter what upper body wears, lower body gets classic jeans that go all out again, taking you to deduce vogue.

Muilt-colored items always can add a chic scenery for bleak winter. The jacket into the pants has been the way to look high and look good for everyone. Especially the small girl in a long coat looks very high.

Pure and fresh green appears in bleak winter and looks a bit not so answer the occasion, but brings a kind of breath like spring however. The caramel color is still the main color in winter and wide-leg pants have always been favorite, coupled with the black coat, which is simply for the little fat girl.

Check it out, girls of plaid control. The plaid suit jacket is specially prepared for you. Wear it with the collar of the green shirt wide open. Take sheet to be tasted inside plunge into pants, coat to be worn again wide open, it is too “wiles” simply. 1.8 meters gets already.

Recreational French womens clothing online is absolutely eye-catching and fits everyone!