Early spring cardigans are great

Faced with this period of hot and cold, girls certainly do not know what to wear clothes! A little frivolous spring outfit goes up womens cardigans which is very good. Cardigan not only goes with everything, and the effect is very good also. Today we introduce a few sets of sweater cardigan collocation!

Plain Batwing Sleeve Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigans
Plain Batwing Sleeve Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigans

Match 1: sweater cardigan + skirt.

Loose sweater cardigan builds the broken flower skirt of amorous feelings of a restore ancient ways inside, and such collocation shows tender temperament very much. The oversized sweater will cover up any small flaws in your body, making you lazy but not puffy.

Tie-in 2: sweater cardigan + knickers or short skirt.

Cardigan collocation knickers and short skirt appear the style that come out is completely different, but suit small schoolgirl very much. Cardigan adds knickers, which is full and handsome and sweet. Cardigan tie-in short skirt wil decrease age a bit.

Plain Batwing Sleeve Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigans
Plain Batwing Sleeve Three-Quarter Sleeve Cardigans

Tie-in 3: sweater cardigan + jeans.

Whether it’s baggy jeans or skinny jeans, a cardigan goes well with them. Panasonic method can appear leg ministry more slender, and the cardigan just reaches the place with the thickest leg ministry, showing thin effect,

The above is that we share about cheap long cardigans and I hope give some collocation on the inspiration?

Dear you have any better ideas, you can leave a message to share and discuss! If you like this post, give it a thumbs up!

How can you do not have a pair of flats?

Actually everybody still has demand very much to women’s flat shoes! After all, high heels are so tired that it’s ok to wear them once in a while. Cheap loafers are still needed for relief.

Flat shoes go everywhere! After all, it’s never too tiring to walk around in flat shoes…

Plain Flat Round Toe Date Outdoor Flat & Loafers
Plain Flat Round Toe Date Outdoor Flat & Loafers

Women’s flat shoes are also versatile and can be worn from winter to spring, regardless of the season.

A pair of pointy flats can instantly add to your style.

Small white shoe is very popular all the time and have you tried small white shoe?

Liu Shishi’s pair of Chanel small white shoe is very bright!

Black gold leather Chanel shoes have been worn by all kinds of stars out of the street.

This pair of small Oxford shoes of Qin Shupei also appears very relaxed.

Small leather shoes can also be covered with high socks and has been very fashionable.

Pointy small leather shoes have kind of the feeling that goes vacationing.

Plain Flat Elastic Round Toe Casual Flat & Loafers
Plain Flat Elastic Round Toe Casual Flat & Loafers

Cara adds a sense of coolness with this pair of studded flat shoes.

Flat shoes like this one, with metal trim and two colors, are especially popular.

Song Qian’s leather shoes of patent leather flat bottom, also add cent for her modelling.

Zhou Dongyu puts on flat shoes to do a general attack!

This kind of shoe of flat bottom of geometrical design is also very popular.

Anyway, do you want to wear women’s flat shoes?

Fashionable shoes after the Second World War

During the Second World War, women’s shoes in Europe women often is transformed by the man’s coat and bedspread is transformed by children’s clothes, with gauze curtain into a wedding dress and so on. After the war, it is hard to have the joyful mood, so in the pursuit of clothing is elegant and generous.

Plain Chunky Mid Heeled Velvet Square Toe Date Office Pumps
Plain Chunky Mid Heeled Velvet Square Toe Date Office Pumps

After the war, women wear man’s clothes for a long time and they are eager to show their women’s gentle and delicate nature and the dream of soft lines. It stands for prosperity, wealth, enjoyment, elegance and the prospect of a good life. New designs have taken off in a fashion that mimics the geometric forms of the 1920s. In the 1950s, cheap shoes were getting narrower and narrower, with high heels and narrow ends.

Fashion is the combination of time and opportunity. The so-called time, is the time, but now that is in a time period.

The word “fashion” has become very popular, appearing frequently in newspapers and media. The pursuit of fashion seems to have become the order of the day. But what is fashion? When it comes to fashion, you may think of the fashion on the runway that people do not understand the other kind of fashion clothes. In fact, fashion is far less than we imagine so unattainable and our life will often have some elements full of fashion sense.

Fashion trend is a period of popular atmosphere in and social environment. Fashion leads the trend and is the performance of pop culture. Fashion can refer to anything in life, such as fashion hairstyles, fashion figures, fashion life, fashion brands, fashion clothes and so on. A period of popular culture is characterized by youth, individuality, variety, and public acceptance and imitation. Artists say that fashion is an art that never goes out of style and is full of vitality. Free person says, vogue and joy are a pair of lovers and his joy comes from vogue, and vogue was destined his joy again.

Plain Low Heeled Velvet Round Toe Casual Outdoor Ankle Ankle Boots
Plain Low Heeled Velvet Round Toe Casual Outdoor Ankle Ankle Boots

Fashion: the first must be healthy, to fashion is to lead the fashion; Secondly, it is generally recognized by the public, even if there is a more alternative people want to represent the fashion is not representative, even if he has unique influence, everyone follow the trend, which also cannot be counted as fashion.

Beauty should be separated from life because it is surreal. Beauty pays attention to harmony and harmony is beauty! Fashion is inseparable from the United States and fashion is beautiful and life advocates the United States; Beauty includes “inner beauty” and “outer beauty”. “Inner beauty” emphasizes that “truth” and “goodness” are “justice” and “balance”. “External beauty” pays attention to visual harmony and unity, echo and balance.

Only by paying attention to the harmony of “inner” and “outer” beauty can we truly reach the realm of perfect beauty. Many people equate fashion with popularity, but they don’t. Simply put, fashion can be popular, but the scope is very limited. If widely popular, that there is a sense of fashion? The pursuit of fashion is an art.

In a word, fashion is an all-encompassing concept, and its tentacles go deep into every aspect of life. People always argue about it. Nevertheless, generally speaking, what vogue brings a person is a kind of cheerful mood and grace and uncommon feeling. Gift people have different temperament and vernal charm and can reflect uncommon life grade, delicate, showing individual character.

Women’s shoes are an indispensable part of women’s daily dress collocation nowadays. Every woman wants her own pair of shoes. Beautiful, ill-fitting shoes can make you hurt and bleed. Shoes that fit only your feet won’t bleed. Comfort is everything.

Women have a delicate relationship with shoes. Every woman wants her own womens shoes online. Choosing a pair of good quality shoes is to have an effect to the healthy development of body and mind. Women’s shoes are an indispensable part of women’s daily dress collocation nowadays.

Beauty street shot is the gift of the years!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to womens clothing online street show!

Today the theme is: “senior sense of clothes is the gift of the years and highlight of temperament!”

Fold Over Collar Double Breasted Belt Loops Plain Trench Coat
Fold Over Collar Double Breasted Belt Loops Plain Trench Coat

Lamb coat has romantic and ladylike temperament. Under the bright night as if one places oneself in the spring and summer in a countryside garden, with the fragrance of flowers oncoming breeze, fresh and natural. The overall look gives people a kind of senior sense which is a gift of time and a reflection of temperament.

The coat of pink goes with elegant red lip and still is beautiful. Black and white checked satchel is full of vitality. Girl gives a person a kind of pure, clean beauty, and is so easy to let a person be fascinated ~

The black half skirt is cleanly cut, and the black top and white scarf make the college feel full. Black pointed and knee boots are still young and beautiful, with bright yellow coat looking very powerful and advanced.

The coat of ginger yellow and a purple scarf whose color is bright and active, can highlight advanced feeling more. White lace white dress seems to have no strong personality, but there is a unique temperament. Pair with black and knee boots for a flirty look.

Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Women Round Neck Color Block Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Autumn Spring Cotton Blend Women Round Neck Color Block Long Sleeve T-Shirts

The pure-white puffer coat was sharply cut and the loose and fluffy hat was full of personality, and the figure was lazy and spontaneous. Casual overalls and snowfield boots, which is subtle and simple, can increase the texture, so that fashionable feeling straight up!

The black coat is succinct and free and easy. And the overall wearing tone is harmony and natural. Advanced sense of wear is the gift of time, but also the temperament.

Slim short style small coat shows personality and white sneakers are casual and natural, adding black top and casual denim trousers for a fresh look.

The wind coat of cream-colored pajama flutter is gentle. Meticulous leather cap also maintained a grace. Confident and generous steps and delicate appearance, have melted your heart?

The collision of white and black is elegant and charming. Tie-in black bowler hat, with the photograph line of argent boots, shows elegant and intellectual city female beauty completely ~

The above is today to bring you for reference and I do not know which you like it?

Let’s see you next time from the perspective of street photography, with your understanding of the charm of fashion women’s clothing online collocation.

Pullover shirt is more stylish than hoodie!

Pullover shirt is more fashionable than hoodies and more convenient than jackets. When you are tired of wearing hoodies and don’t want to match a coat with an inside match, you can try pullover sweaters. It is easy to go out with a suit.

Round Neck Loose Fitting Knit Pullover
Round Neck Loose Fitting Knit Pullover

Stars have taken to it:

Zhong Chuxi shows up at Shanghai airport, wearing jeans overalls with pink fleece inside, spouting tongue and looking nice.

Ni Ni’s airport private cloth is a Gucci retro sports Gucci logo dress, really showing white beauty big long legs!

Song Qian wears a Buberry blue hooded blazer with a black tulle skirt and a pair of Martin boots.

Song Qian appeared at the airport, wearing a black zipper sweater with a pleated skirt, and a fashionable belt at the waist to outline the waist and adding modeling sense.

Jolin wears oversized half zipper motion wind coat, playing “missing” the lower body with a pair of knee-high boots to the thigh length and it set up a set of the modelling of pink.

 High Neck Loose Fitting Patchwork Geometric Knit Pullover

High Neck Loose Fitting Patchwork Geometric Knit Pullover

Yuan Shanshan’s zippered blazer, which she paired with baggy jeans, adds a sense of sophistication by Normcore and red pointed ankle boots.

Wang Luodan uses black zipper jacket to go with small black pants, and white athletic shoes. A suit of black and white look is cool and handsome.

This zip-up athletic top is street hip. Yi Yang Qian Xi has a headband and become a hip-hop boy.

More examples for zip-up pullover shirt.

It’s just the wrong color

Everybody has basic item, but combination however cannot be fashionable for everyone. But women’s blouse and skirt combine and let you become fashionable Icon!

Autumn Spring Polyester Women Turn Down Collar Decorative Button Geometric Long Sleeve Blouses
Autumn Spring Polyester Women Turn Down Collar Decorative Button Geometric Long Sleeve Blouses

40 ℃ high temperature weather comes and it is really uncomfortable, but if we dress with a cool and refreshing cute blouses that is absolutely refreshing!

Yes, actually beautiful summer outfit also can be so simple and jacket plus skirt can be done easily, which is contracted and good-looking while still adding a small happiness for summer!

Actually comfortable cloth that you have, and the contracted modelling of this kind of jacket + half skirt also need not spend mental power too only if you choose right color. Pure and fresh feeling comes on the face and cannot be blocked!

So the question is, how do you dress looking unique? Watch the stars’ demonstration first:

Yang zi wears Carven white shirt. The flower outline not only keeps the relaxed sense of the shape, but also makes the excessive shape very smooth and natural, with Carven Eyelet gold round bag to create a youthful and beautiful fashion style.

Wang Ziwen wears shirt of light color bull-puncher. Although color is not quite relaxed, but the black Dior bag together with skirt and Hermes oblong leather boots where color is too thick and show modern individual character.

He Cong’s modelling is simple and clear. Shirt of white circle collar matches bull-puncher short skirt. Pure and fresh girl look reduces age at the same time.

Zhang Li wears a sky-blue shirt, paired with a khaki straight skirt and black leather shoes. The yellow mini-bag brings a sense of fun to the style, revealing a lovely girl’s heart.

Jin Chen wears shirt of white flounce leaf edge, the skirt that take navy blue bull-puncher to bind below skirt and Puma small white shoe. Contracted modelling is appearing and it blows wind of a school.

Qi wei wears a white T-shirt with a denim shirt tied around her waist, a green army slit-skirt and white shoes.

Summer style is mainly in light color and choosing a dark solid color skirt is easy. Light color jacket brings the cool on visual sense and brings remarkable thin body effect, avoiding awkwardness and it is simple and easy to learn!

With the above “top light bottom dark” experience, we can try the opposite, with a light skirt to match the dark coat. Of course, you need to pay attention to: coat color cannot be too dark! Otherwise the whole look will look dull and old fashioned.

The girl who is full of love for color should not be in a hurry. In line with the principle of “all collocation is given priority to with light color”, it is absolutely no problem to match colored skirt with light color blouse, such as beige and red. But if, like hipsters, you opt for a solid bright red and you’ll have to swap it out for a lighter top or it will oversaturate and stand out.

Turn Down Collar Loose Fitting Plain Blouses
Turn Down Collar Loose Fitting Plain Blouses

Natural design of pure and fresh flower is the element with summer indispensable, if you want to build a high-grade feeling, jacket must be white! White! White! Otherwise the whole modelling falls short and there is no pure and fresh feeling and fashionable feeling at all!

No matter it is the geometrical design with beautiful color or intellectual atmosphere is able to blend in stereo feeling for modelling normally, we are tie-in for it a frivolous light color jacket and create a strong aura!

Bigger is uglier? Now I come to tell you a recruit “lazy person secret book” that is white color suitable clothes! Remember: bust skirt should better be the gauze skirt of over length as far as possible and lightsome and elegant skirt places the relaxed girl!

Have seen so many cute blouses as demonstrations, I believe no matter what you are tie-in, you can find the summer style that suits oneself!

Hoodie goes with recreational pants to reduce age

Li Zi is to be accepted as impeccable belle in entertainment circle. What is her successful secret? Is it just a matter of looks and size? Actually otherwise, Li Zi also is very good at wearing. Like cute hoodies. As the saying goes that clothes make the man and saddle makes the horse. Three points look and seven points dress up. With the level of refined dress, you can also stand out and enjoy the worship of the star.

Hooded Patchwork Color Block Hoodie
Hooded Patchwork Color Block Hoodie

Li Zi announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in 2009. After married a wealthy businessman, she rarely appeared in front of the screen. Li zi will be the cause of the colorful business and her dress also shows intellectual beauty and become more and more charming. Li Zi as Hong Kong recognized as a great beauty, now 47 years old she is still so beautiful and charming and still like a girl, completely no traces of years left. It seems that the years are still so care for beauty!

Li Zi always wears white when attending activities. Let’s look at it together! This time Li Zi wears skirt of a white slender body fish tail to show up in some activities, tie-in fastening high-heeled shoes with color. Shawl long hair is intellectual and elegant. The fishtail skirt has high requirements for her figure, which will expose her body defects if she cannot master it. However, Li Zi ‘s dress is just right, showing her good figure incisively and vividly.

To ferial wear, Li Zi likes to be given priority to with simple and comfortable modelling. A pure lubricious light color fastens recreational small coat to match a reach ankle half skirt and the foot steps to reduce age with a small white shoe. Whole light fastens lubricious wear appears very gentle and quiet, with that melting smile, so girl feels absolutely blast.

Li Zi in the job has feminine flavor even more. Wearing a classic coat with a small white shirt with a round collar, Li Zi is full of retro style. Chiao Niao case is an enduring single product. Wears a pair of black thick heel ankle boots will make long leg very perfect and such Li Zi has charm simply too.

Hooded Kangaroo Pocket Plain Hoodie
Hooded Kangaroo Pocket Plain Hoodie

The private look of Li Zi at airport is also worth learning. Recently, she wear casual clothes in the Hong Kong airport without makeup, triggered a heated debate on the Internet. We have feelings that goddess actually exists.

The big smiling face and letter pattern in front of the army green hoodie are very age reducing and the long curly brown hair draperies on the shoulder, showing very intellectual and elegant. Wearing large black-framed glasses with fashion and personality, walking while talking on the phone, happy smile on the face, it seems that the goddess is in a good mood.

She wears a hoodie with a pair of dark green slacks and black platform boots. Her skin was firm and white, and she did not look at all like a woman in her late fifties.

Li Zi is successful in her business, feelings more like a fish in water and no wonder the goddess looks young. Really we have to sigh that year still so favor beauty. At 47, Li Zi is still so beautiful! Womens hoodies collocation is recreational pants to reduce age. Are you attracted to such a frozen goddess?

Furry daily coat makes you a winter beauty

Fluffy coat is the design of each girl won’t refuse—— close skin outfit experience let you fondle admiringly. If you have one, today let’s have a look at two kinds of women’s outerwear and let you easily reference to wear in daily life. The wide under tight fashion women’s outerwear makes you elegant and confident. Which one would you prefer?

Lapel Double Breasted Flap Pocket Plain Raglan Sleeve Long Sleeve Coats
Lapel Double Breasted Flap Pocket Plain Raglan Sleeve Long Sleeve Coats


>Goes with slim pants.

When choosing a slim pantsuit for a short coat, it can better decorate your figure. Color matching is recommended: dark brown coat + black inner matching + high-waist jeans, which is a sedate choice.

Classic collocation won’t outdate: white coat + black tight jeans or black coat + light gray blue jeans. The choice that builds inside is a key and individual character design is trendy.

When choosing colorful coat commonly, black pants outfit is first selection, with tie-in black ankle boots, the wear that a brief one answer builds modelling.

Choose black thigh-high boots, so go with black inner matching and tight pants, matching colorful coat, which is the recommended choice of fashionable girl. Simple wearing is the choice of black and white color, changing the style through the bag.

Notch Lapel Double Breasted Belt Plain Trench Coat
Notch Lapel Double Breasted Belt Plain Trench Coat

> Dress.

Besides pants outfit, the choice of skirt also lets you elegant. To wear simply is to choose black skirt to match namely and black ankle boots is cannot be forget.

Girl’s recommended wearing: orange coat + red velvet skirt + black ankle boots, white coat + plaid skirt + black ankle boots. For reference, white is the best choice for bag.

The pleated skirt is also recommended in a matching color: white + red (recommended for New Year), camel + gold (ladylike), and the bag should be small.

When choosing clothes, the dress also is cannot be forget. Chromatic coat and black dress are tie-in, it is the most not easy to make a mistake to wear. Tie-in black bag can be fashionable.

On the choice of color, everyday sedate collocation that is not easy to make a mistake is whole arrange lubricious collocation, and shallow white (ivory white) it is to recommend to choose. You can bold try gules coat and blue printing skirt.

Above two kinds of collocation recommend, the furry coat that people love helps you satisfy fashion women’s outerwear of winter. When choosing clothes, you should give priority to with collocation of arrange color as far as possible.

A gentle wintry goddess cannot ignore the glamour of knitting wool skirt

Said before knitting cashmere pants let you become a gentle goddess. In addition to it, there are cheap dresses which cannot be ignored, which is: knitting wool dress. It helps you better show the curve of the female figure and glamour, easily with the winter gentle goddess. Look at how to choose as fashion people, daily wear will be relaxed and confident for reference.

Round Neck Polka Dot Shift Dress
Round Neck Polka Dot Shift Dress

To match knit wool dress.  

When it comes to knitting wool skirt, tender design is not only the favorite of girls in spring and autumn, but also be the recommended that tide takes in winter.  No matter it is pure color or contracted geometrical design, or design of restoring ancient ways, will let you be elegant and confident.

> Coat. cheap dressescheap dresses onlinewomen dresses online

Knitting wool skirt goes overcoat, which is one of those who gentle goddess must choose. What Hesui wears in figure above is that: gray coat + white knitting skirt, light pink purple coat + white knitting skirt, which is contracted for reference.

When choosing clothes, short paragraph knitting wool skirt’s best collocation is to cross knee boot, contracted wear for reference: light color coat + white knitting skirt + black crosses knee boot. Chromatic collocation: orange coat is to recommend.

In the choice of coat, light color is more elegant than dark color and the color of the choice is based on warm color. If you choose a sedate wear, then dark color is recommended: dark green coat + gray knit skirt + black ankle boots.

Round Neck Patch Pocket Striped Shift Dress
Round Neck Patch Pocket Striped Shift Dress

> Goes with the jacket.

The collocation of knitting wool skirt besides coat, still have short coat to choose. Different small coat, leave you not the same elegant modelling, and it is ok to girls that goes to work every day to choose black small suit.

In daily life, when white knitting wool skirt goes small coat, the simplest wear is white add white or white add black. White sea horse coat or recreational coat is the choice of contracted and soft girl.

The sweater coat of medium long styles, must goes to cross knee boots to match. The choice of color: dark coffee and khaki go with everything, no matter what color you choose about the knitting wool skirt.

In the New Year, you can choose red loose style to help you shape. If you choose red style, then black is the best color for your bag and boots. If you like blue overall style, then white is the best color for matching.

As a gentle wintry goddess, besides knitting cashmere pants, knitting wool skirt also is one of choices that the key recommends. Modern, recreational, elegant, the key is to be gentle. Women dresses online that the above arrange rich your daily collocation.

Fashion Tops for Women Are Super Soft and Beautiful

Hello, everyone. People who wear small clothes are not fairies. Let’s take a look at today’s recommendation. Seeing the smog blue of the fire, I didn’t expect the pink to be a good-looking one. It was a fresh and elegant fragrance with a gentle retro taste in fashion tops for women. The fabric of the rabbit-wool women’s tops is super elastic, flexible and soft. The cheap tops are soft and warm.

V-Neck Slit Pocket Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover
V-Neck Slit Pocket Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

Milky white and smoky indigo are all wild colors that won’t go wrong for years, and all three colors fashion tops for women are super elegant! The delicate knitting workmanship is fine, and the cuff neckline and the hem are all designed with the pits. The overall style of women’s tops is simple and generous, and the cumbersome decoration is abandoned.

Almond white cheap tops are like the original milk tea diluted with a lot of pure milk, with a sweet warmth, no matter what color is inexplicable harmony. The super-characteristic vertical stripe texture makes the soft fashion tops for women look beautiful and full of advanced texture.

Round Neck Patchwork Lace Pullover
Round Neck Patchwork Lace Pullover

With a slightly loose version, the largest amount of tailoring women’s tops is on the basis of leisure. Lazy, slim,  and full of affinity, the hem just falls on the cheekbones, optimizing the proportion of the lower body, so that the girls exudes the literary fashion. Speaking of feminine, camel Mocha is the most outstanding performance in the dark department, giving a modest and advanced retro feeling. It is the color that goes up and just doesn’t violate the sense of being worn. The fashion tops for women with the single knit is almost adorned.

Ok, today’s recommendation is here. These gentle and cheap tops are perfect for girls. No matter what style of you are in, it’s good to wear. Finally, the fairies that I like to praise are the people around me who are warm.