Advanced Coats for Women Show Your Figure

Although winter skirts will be worn less frequently than the other three seasons, it is not unreasonable to wear them. In fact, in major events, or in daily work and life, wearing skirts still occupies a large proportion. Especially on holidays, everyone still likes to wear skirts, because of its fashion and formality, which is recognized by everyone. So, do you know the correct way to wear a skirt and coats for women? Not only must you dress well, but you must also choose a pair of boots for women for being tall and thin.

As a popular knee-length skirt, if it is matched with coats for women, how much should they show you figure? You cam match it with long coats, mid-length coats, and down jackets, etc. The length of the skirt and the ratio of these clothes will affect the visual effect. Ideally, a long coat below the knee should be used to cover the skirt. But if you don’t always wear long coats, you can adjust them according to coats of different lengths to achieve a good balance.

Wearing a skirt of the same color as the coats for women gives people a sense of suit. The key is to wear a skirt with the same color as the coat, which is also easy to match. In addition, if you choose a tight skirt, you can show elegance and smoothness even if it exceeds the length slightly. The slightly shorter length of the coat will also give a light impression. A fluffy dress and a short-length fur coat instead of a jacket, give people an intellectual impression. The classic-looking leather coat with a large collar is focused on it, and the long dress looks very coordinated.

Nowadays, the popular nine-point wide-leg pants can be matched with a 3/4-length coats for women to cover the waist and create an A-shaped silhouette. A very attractive gray jacket, paired with a pair of camel-colored cropped trousers, is perfectly matched with a pair of brown boots for women as a stable bottom. Whether tall or small, the proportion is very important. Combining with the current fashion trends and using the best proportion to interpret, you will be more perfect!

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