Aren’t you tired of your T-shirt?

Seeing the summer slip away day by day, finally you can pack up summer T-shirt! If you’re tired of long sleeve t-shirts and don’t know what new items to buy, check out who the stars are picking.

Turtle Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Turtle Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts


T-shirt is too boring, and you might as well like Jiang Shuying to try such elegant and chic gentle blouse! Unlike shirts and T-shirts, they are generally loose and tight at either the collar or cuffs. By comparison, do you find it ‘Blouse+ jeans’ particularly feminine?

Today I recommend 3 suitable collocation for early autumn, and quickly come down to Mark it!

Round Neck Patchwork Lace Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Round Neck Patchwork Lace Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Printed flower.

In the summer we can finally justify the abandonment of black and white gray into the embrace of printing! Beautiful prints can highlight your good looking. Asian blogger Aimee Song knows this, with the handsome jeans and sweet prints together, and it is so chic.

Elegant collar type.

Designers have been doing their homework on the neckline ever since last year’s one-shoulder craze. Pure and fresh one word shoulder can show the line of shoulder neck and heat does not decrease all the time. Retro square collars are also a favorite Pick item for chic.

Sleeve shape.

The sleeve variety seems to be more manageable than the collar variety. The exaggerated bubble sleeves selected by Liu Wen and Amiee Song are super retro while the graceful trumpet sleeves seem to be more suitable for creating a gentle image of a girl.

Do you know which long sleeve T-shirts should be chosen? Leave a message and let me know!

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