Baggy Wide Leg and Bigger Sizes Bottoms for Women in Berrylook

Belt High Rise Waist Wide Leg Pant
Belt High Rise Waist Wide Leg Pant

Length of the Women’s Bottom

As we all know, a short pair of nine-point pants will keep you feeling comfortable and looking tallest with every step. Similarly, no matter what you body type, a nine-point wide-legged trousers can expose you delicate ankles to achieve a magical effect of thinner and higher visually.Is is a basic bottoms for women  in everyone’s wardrobe.

Of course it’s cold right now, and you don’t have to freeze for showing off a nice ankle.  However, you can match a pair of socks to your pants. Unique style socks will keep you both warm and looking gorgeous and stylish.

Of course, you can also add a pair of deep-pile pantyhose directly inside. Anyway, the wide-legged trousers tube is wide enough, a pair of pantyhose will not make you look bulky,no matter how thick it is. Beautiful, warm, and highly slender,this match is a perfect treaty.

Comfy and lazy, a long pair of women’s bottoms is fashionable among young trendies recently. You can go with a pair of flat shoes to make you stylish. And remember your trouser legs shall not cover shoes. Otherwise the extremely long trouser legs will mop the ground and add a sense of procrastination to your modeling.

Woolen Belt Wide-Leg Casual Pants
Woolen Belt Wide-Leg Casual Pants

Material for the Fashion Bottoms

The knit wide-legged trousers will undoubtedly be the first choice in winter. The soft waxy texture has the lazy flavor which belongs to the winter day, and is most suitable for the flat shoes.

A pair of wide-legged pants of woolen fabric are also warm, and they will be more stylish. Featuring wide legs for a flowing, lean line and more elegant and skilful match.

Wide leg Jeans is a causal wear single item all year around. It can fit in different style and definitely worth buying.

It is said that fashion is a kind of reincarnation, so the expensive and retro velvet elements are sweeping in the vogue field. With special pendant and luster, velvet broad-legged trousers can make your winter collocation no longer dull and monotonous. It also shows a high sense of sophistication. It’s so easy to stand head and shoulders above the rest on the street. For beginners, you can start with dark green one, a relatively low-key velvet leggings, which make your look gorgeous .

With granny chic prevailing , the corduroy materials that we used to wear when we were children comes into fashion as velvet materials. In particular, corduroy leggings, have become essential for the fashionable. Don’t worry this material make you look older. To go with a pair of casual flat shoes, this match fills you with a full of youthful vigour ~

Black Elastic Waist PU Leather Flared Pants
Black Elastic Waist PU Leather Flared Pants

Various of the Bottom Pattern for the Cheap Fashion Women’s Bottoms

A pair of wide leg pants with basic colour is at the top of the list for any comnination of garments and endurance when you consider cheap bottoms for women.

If you want to make your unique match, a pair of side striped wide-legged pants will be your choice. Wide legged pants with vertical stripes on both sides is a focus on design. It improves your street style and stretch your leg line, showing your taller body type.

Check pattern elements comes into fasion again this year, so the red plaid wide leg pants also burst fire. Wide leg pants with check pattern elements add a bit of literary  taste and show a handsome Street yuppie retro feel.


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