Bloggers on Instagram all wear cardigans

Those who like to browse INS can find that KOL in Europe and America are wearing this cardigan. Womens cardigans are too corky but become fashionable now?

Collarless Feather Long Sleeve Cardigans
Collarless Feather Long Sleeve Cardigans


Li Yuchun choses the sweater cardigan with a full-bodied color and white pants outfit highlighted the key of half body, plus certain bull-puncher cap, so whole body is fashionable quite.

If you want to relax a little bit, the fisherman hat and plain knit sweater are also very good-looking. Zhou Dongyu’s airport Look is good!

Animal grain design is in this year heat and still does not reduce. Yang Chaoyue chooses cardigan of sweater of leopard grain of a pink, which is very nippy. Jeans and small white shoes also are the sheet with very girl feeling.

The feeling of restoring ancient ways of cardigan is stronger and sweaters unexpectedly also have unexpected modern feeling!

Patch Pocket Single Breasted Plain Cardigans
Patch Pocket Single Breasted Plain Cardigans

Actually, sweater cardigan is early a few years ago very popular and people always likes to match skirt outfit with long cardigan, showing the visual sense!

Or you can wear coat directly. The outspread feeling that broad-leg pants take lets whole person’s scale very elongate.

Now, streetwear fans prefer to add a decorative belt to long cheap cardigans to stretch out the waistline and add a touch of haute couture.

Short womens cardigans can match high collar unlined upper garment inside, showing temperament very much ~

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