Casual Harlan Pants Brings New Fashion

The wide-legged trousers are very popular over the past few years. Wide-leg trousers cover the skin and makes you look thin. However, wearing too many wide-legged trousers would feel boring! In fact, you have better choices, good and comfortable and Harlan casual pants is your best choice, and also set off a wave of fashion this year! Wearing it not only has the same looseness and comfort but also has a fashionable style.

Friends, I’ll introduce you to several Harlan women’s pants today. It’s still comfortable, but more beautiful than a wide-leg trousers. Check it out.

Plain Pocket Slim-Leg Casual Pants
Plain Pocket Slim-Leg Casual Pants

High waist casual suit trousers

▲Slim and high-waist suit trousers has a particularly perfect version that modifies the body curve makes you look tall. Simple design with superb versatility.

▲High waist casual pants shows your figure with a super-exaggerated appearance that looks chic and tall, and allows you to go out of the street with a high rate of second glance. Give exquisite leather materials, and a fashionable street shot image at any time, and you can easily pair it with any shirt.

Belt High Rise Waist Wide Leg Pant
Belt High Rise Waist Wide Leg Pant

Straight Loose High Waist Pants

▲ The loose nine-crotch pants that are very popular with mature women has the casual version design. Styled with T-shirts or shirts are very fashionable.

▲Favorite nine-point pants, because it shows delicate ankles and long-legged leggings has the visual effect to highlight slim figure. Simple and elegant, good-looking design is full uniqueness in black pattern.

Casual Pocket Plain Pegged Pants
Casual Pocket Plain Pegged Pants

High Waist Strap Harlan Pants

▲Vertical stripes shows thin effect apparently.Oh,fresh and elegant green brings a breath of spring. Nine pants design looks more casual and has three-dimensional sense of hierarchy,

Well, my friends, my introduction here today is over. I wonder if you are satisfied. If you have a fancy Harlan pants, you can quickly try it on.


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