Choose the Short Boots for Women for a Fashionable Winter

Hi, cute fairies! In the late autumn and winter, which sort of shoes do girls like to wear for a fashionable winter? Recently, there are always sisters leaving messages: why do they with short boots for women appear thick and short when they wear the same boots that the models wear? It is because not everyone has perfect legs like them. Bud today, let’s talk about how to choose the most suitable women’s fashion boots for different leg types, and teach you to have a pair of long legs!

Women's Fashion Solid Color Pointed Lace Up Boots
Women’s Fashion Solid Color Pointed Lace Up Boots

There are many types of women’s fashion boots. We can roughly divide them into short boots, mid boots, long boots, and over-the-knee boots according to the height of the boots. Bare boots and short boots for women are located at or below the ankle; mid boots are longer than ankle boots, but below the calf. The most popular style of short boots for women this year is Martin boots.

The fairies who want to transform into long legs in winter must have a pair of short boots for women, and the female stars are particularly fond of it. But don’t be fooled by the beautiful legs of the female stars, choose the women’s fashion boots according to your leg shape characteristics, which can cleverly cover the small defects of the body, so as to really show high and thin!

Retro Belt Buckle Heel Booties
Retro Belt Buckle Heel Booties

As long as your legs are not thick enough to pull on the boots, you can safely and boldly try short boots for women. The boots are not only the gospel of the stubby star, but also the weapon for increasing the short leg star. When choosing Martin boots, in addition to quality and style, the most important thing is the number of holes. Martin boots are usually divided into 3 holes, 6 holes, 8 holes, 10 holes, 14 holes and so on. The greater the number of holes, the higher the boot, and the higher the leg shape is required. No one’s body is perfect, and learning to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses is the most important. I hope that the fairies can choose the women’s fashion boots that suit you the best.

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