Coats for Women Are Not Monotonous, But Fashionable

When the weather turns cold, the two most important things are: put on your coats for women and your cute blouses. A simple base shirt is like the first step of the makeup base. With the base shirts, the autumn and winter matching will save more trouble. Today, I will take “high-neck bottoming shirt” as an example to share some ideas on “how to dress ordinary basic styles fashionable and generous”. I hope it will also inspire and help you.

The high-neck bottoming shirt can also be said to be the most practical basic item for autumn and winter. The high-neck design can be properly windproof and warm, and it can also be layered with various items. For better color matching, it is recommended to use the cute blouses of more styles. For example, there is a light familiar and versatile “brown series”, the temperament and warm “beige series”, and the universally necessary “black series”. Because it is a close-fitting item, you should choose a material that is comfortable to the touch on the fabric, and the silhouette does not need to be too tight or too loose. A slightly loose fit model will better match the clothes.

This season, a simple and generous high-necked bottoming shirt and the coats for women are enough to render a sense of commuting. Using the same color matching method can make you look gentle and elegant. In addition, when the color of the coat and the inner layer is in obvious contrast between light and dark, the collar of the coat and the turtleneck will create a thin visual area. Although wearing a turtleneck is warm, some girls would worry that the neck will look “short”. Thus, by stacking within the coats for women, you can extend the neck line to create a thin “V” area. For example, with the lapel cute blouses, you can unfasten the two buttons on the front of the blouse, so that it looks casual and relaxed, and has a sense of fashion. If you want to wear a high-neck bottoming blouse with a sense of leisure, you can learn from this matching method.

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