Coats for Women Make You out of “Banality”

The sense of luxury is not about spending a lot of money to buy luxury brands with Logo, nor is it blindly following the trend and wearing all the fashions of the season. Simple and comfortable cheap coats for women can also create a low-key sense of luxury. For example, in the autumn and winter, almost one coat is worn by each person. With some dressing skills, like matching with cute blouses, you can be clearly distinguished from passers-by and become more fashionable and advanced.

Stacking is not the same as chaotic wear. It is not just simply stacking all the items on the body. The core of stacking is to use different materials, colors, and lengths to create contrasts and make the layers more distinct. For example, use thick coats for women with light ones, soft ones with stiff ones, long models with short ones, dark colors with light colors, etc., to achieve the effect of 1+1>2. How to dress in autumn and winter to make 1+1>2, which is easy to wear fashionable and advanced sense!

The essence of overcoat layering is to “activate” the seemingly out-of-season items in the spring and autumn seasons, such as cute blouses, which can be reused as an inside mid-high collar bottoming shirt. The color of the inner clothing is best to be staggered with the shirt. The inner shirt can be black, or bright yellow and green. In short, the greater the color contrast is, the more fashionable you will be. This can also get rid of the shirt’s overly boring image.

It should be noted that, in order to create a sense of hierarchy, it is best to untie 2 to 3 buttons on the collar of cute blouses to create a casual and natural effect. And the bottoming shirt does not need to be too thick, and ordinary modal cotton and Lycra fabrics can be used, avoiding the thick style that is fat. Also, you can match them with coats for women to make a perfect autumn and winter match.

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