Cute Blouses Give You an Ever-changing Style

The new year has been here, and the spring is coming quietly. The mood of dressing has become light and comfortable, gentle and fresh, which feels the most suitable for this time. If I can only bring a sweater when I go out, I will definitely choose one of cute blouses or cute tops because they have a versatile style and will not be overly casual. The just right sense of relaxation can also be mixed and matched with various styles of items.

This time I matched the cute blouses with a little sweet style, and I used a striped shirt to match the skirt, which is so gentle that you will not look too naive. If the style you want to present is more mature, you can choose mature styles as much as possible for accessories, such as silk-wrapped pearl necklaces, vintage handbags, and pointed high heels; if you want to present a more youthful and lively style, you can choose more fashionable and young accessories, such as full pearl necklaces, messenger bags, and sports shoes.

The gray-blue down jacket and the gray mesh skirt are very gentle in color matching. The disadvantage is that the jacket and the mesh skirt have a certain degree of swelling, which is a disadvantage for photogenic shooting. However, if you match it with the cute blouses, the whole body has a sense of movement and does not feel bloated.

As a classic basic item, striped cute tops are a bit more youthful and vigorous than solid-color bottoming shirts, and striped shirts are not limited to ages and can be controlled at any age. You can match them according to your desired style in daily life. For example, striped tops + suit trousers, it is very suitable for the casual intellectual style of commuting. If you want to wear less dull, you can also learn from the stacking skills often used in daily miscellaneous wear, and use light cardigans or knitted sweaters at will. Come on and select your favorite cute blouses for spring wear.

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