Cute Sandals Are the Must-Have Item for Summer Fashion

It is said that when it is summer, it is best to start with cute sandals, because the new brands of major brands are launched one after another. When the weather is becoming hot, you can take the lead in putting on the most popular and cheap sandals this year. Doesn’t that sound good?

Fashionable Chunky heeled  sandals
Fashionable Chunky heeled sandals

When it comes to cute sandals, the most classic style is the Ankle Strap sandals. There are many benefits of this kind of shoes, I can list one or two casually. For example, the design of the belt is simple and fashionable, and the bare part of the foot surface visually extends the lines of the legs, making your legs look longer.

But after watching it for a long time, this pair of shoes is really a bit of visual fatigue, especially the female stars in most of the entertainment world are wearing it. The chance of wearing the same kind of shoes is too high. So, the Ankle Strap sandals now have a tendency to be out pf date, and the cute sandals that are popular this summer also have new patterns.

The first fashionable cute sandals are of the square head design. Since last year, the square head has swept the entire fashion circle. Many brands have included square heads in the design of sandals, such as the Bottega veneta family. The appearance of the cute sandals in street shooting is frequent.

Women's open-toe flat sandals with flowers
Women’s open-toe flat sandals with flowers

“Abnormal Heel” was particularly hot last year, and this year it seems that the momentum is also very strong. This year, the fashionista continue to carry forward the cute sandals with “shaped heel”. For example, the new sandals are paired with heels that are similar to pyramid or wine glasses, which seem to have a more architectural silhouette, allowing the shoes to get rid of the conventional sense of sight. Having said so much, which pair of popular and cheap sandals will you put on this year?

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