Cute Sandals Can Be both Comfortable and Stylish

Cute sandals are exclusive to summer, cool and breathable. In addition to the casual low-heeled sandals, high-heeled sandals are also a good choice. They will not be worn on your feet like high-heeled shoes, but they can also be a little sexy. Whether they are matched with skirts or pants, they can show a comfortable and fashionable style. It is a perfect treasure item, and you can maintain a comfortable and stylish feeling in these cheap sandals during the whole summer.

Women's bohemian flower sandals
Women’s bohemian flower sandals

According to the different sandal straps of the cute sandals, here is a simple classification. The common sandals mean that the number of the straps is “one”, and the straps are parallel. The high-heeled sandals with straps are the basic models, without too much decoration, wherein one strap is tied around the ankle, and the other strap is tied to the boundary between the toe and the instep.

When choosing high-heeled cute sandals, the thin straps will appear more on the instep, and the thick straps are more difficult to control. Straps can be simple without decoration, or they can have some unique designs, which are easy to self-defeating and highlight the rustic. These light green high-heeled sandals are designed with thick heels, so they will be more comfortable to wear, with a plaid skirt and white shirt, playful and fresh.

The light olive green cute sandals on the left are simple in design and will not grab the limelight in the whole body, but they can invisibly elongate the overall figure. The high-heeled sandals on the right are decorated with feathers on the straps, which are very elegant and romantic, but the lower half is matched with a layered veil skirt. And the whole body looks too complicated and cannot makes people grasp the key, so it’s better to choose between skirt and shoes.

Roman strappy casual sandals
Roman strappy casual sandals

The three straps cute sandals have more straps than the above, and the sense of fashion is also enhanced. But one of the straps is tied to the instep, so the foot shape is not that of a thin girl, it may be more difficult to control, even the risk of strangulation on the instep. This kind of sandals along the color line enhances the sense of unity, and is more refined and elegant. Do you like to wear both comfortable and stylish cheap sandals in summer?

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