Cute Sweaters Are Exquisite in Winter

The weather is getting colder and colder, thus you always have to wear a few more layers to keep warm enough. Therefore, “stacking” has become the main manner for winter wear. The stacking of different items, through the collision of material, style, lightness and thickness, can not only form a rich layer to increase the sense of fashion, but also play a role in showing thinness and height. As to the most popular and cute sweaters, this winter is very popular to stack them with cute blouses!

Recently, many of the magazines focus on cute sweaters and ribbon shirts. The feminine streamer shirt and warm sweater are put together, which seems both sexy and elegant. The reason why this style of wearing is very popular recently is that basic sweaters can make you very exquisite! Take a look at this set of comparison pictures, the same solid color round neck sweaters, worn alone and stacked with shirts bring a completely different feeling. By comparison, the right one looks more fashionable.

In addition, stacking cute sweaters and shirts with ribbons can break the dullness no matter what kind of jacket you match. Moreover, the elegant tie design can also “reduce weight” for heavy wear, making it look lighter. A looser round neck or V-neck sweater can be matched with a draped ribbon shirt inside, plus a pair of neat suit pants below to form a soft and capable collision, making the overall feel more textured.

Long Sleeve Blouse

Cute sweaters with jeans or other casual pants are the most common match in winter. If you feel too mediocre, you can use ribbon shirts to embellish it. In this way, the style will change from casual to intellectual, and the whole will become more refined. Streamer cute blouses and elegant skirts echo each other, bringing the exquisite femininity to the extreme! Then, you can wear a cute sweater for balance, which adds a bit of sexy overall. If you like these stacking manners, hurry up and take them!

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