Cute Tops Sweep the Fashion World

Women who know how to wear cute tops all know that the single-collar shape has a non-negligible effect on the styling. Choosing the right collar can modify the face lines, hide the face shape problems, and show the collarbone shoulder and neck lines. The V-neck is not popular this summer. The cute tops have swept the fashion circle and can make you more refreshing. Let’s take a look at the following cheap tops!

The Peter Pan collar comes from the collar shape of the clothes worn by Peter Pan, the protagonist in the childhood cartoon “Little Man”. It has a flat and round shape. It is very cute and pretty, beautiful and lively, giving a fairytale feeling. Of course, after the development of fashion, Peter Pan collar has also been adjusted a lot on the original basis, incorporating various fashion elements, such as more modeling, superimposed lace, ruffles, fungus and other fashion elements. The cute tops with the Peter Pan collar are very favored by ladies and girls. Fashion is a reincarnation. Peter Pan collar is hot again this summer. This small floral top has a French style. The edge of Peter Pan collar is stitched with lace ruffles, ready for a graceful and elegant lady.

Peter Pan collar is actually what we call a doll collar. It is very playful and fresh. It can be used in various fashion items, such as short-sleeved cute tops, long-sleeved shirts or dresses. The purple palace-style top adopts a white Peter Pan collar type with fringe superimposed on the edges. The color matching is fresh and the collar type is cute and girly.

The Peter Pan collar in the oblate style is round and playful, giving a girl’s delicacy. The Peter Pan collar in the flat pointed style is more neat and casual, and the French style is more intense. The floral bubble-sleeve French cute tops have a white flat pointed collar, and the hollow element is very careful. Wearing a straw hat, the rural style comes. Come on and select some favorite tops for summer wear from these cheap tops.

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