Fashion Outerwear Can Make You Master the New Trend

The hot fashion week witnessed the latest street shooting big release wearing fashion outerwear! Is it a bit strange, this year’s Fashion Week, in the busiest September of the fashion circle? The cake actually went all the way to Dali, enjoying flowers, enjoying the lake, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. It seems that there is no such outerwear for women for Fashion Week.

Notch Lapel Double Breasted Plaid Coat
Notch Lapel Double Breasted Plaid Coat

See, from Céline to CELINE, from the big woman Phoebe Philo, to the decadent rock and roll Hedi Slimane. It’s not that it’s so good-looking, but the fashion outerwear is really beautiful. It’s the result of the unexpected, but it’s a little lost. After all, Céline in Phoebe’s hands has already carved her own outerwear for women. And Hedi didn’t insist on doing it himself.

The profile is trying to recover fashion outerwear. But, the temperament is determined to be free and has long been different. Gucci, who has already set the tone of style and has never been disappointed in the literary and retro drama. Also, the Thai actress Mai on the Dolce & Gabbana show is really amazing~ phubbing her ins, feeling worthy of an essay!

However, even if the show says so much, it is just the tip of the iceberg in Fashion Week~ I made it, but what do we care more about outerwear for women? It must be the smashing of the fashion franchise. At the time, we did some screening. We picked out several inspirations for the moment, and maybe some of them can resonate with you.

Lapel Belt Plain Trench Coat
Lapel Belt Plain Trench Coat
  1. “Buy a big 3 yards suit is the most fashionable.” Is the suit really bigger and more typical? Uh huh, the premise is that your whole look can hold up such a huge fashion outerwear!
  2. The silhouette of the windbreaker is at the time, as long as you have the height, you can hold it! Want to be more special? It’s very good to click on the stitching~~ It’s also a nice look with the checkered pattern outerwear for women.

3. Plaid suits are still in the doldrums ~ make the professional not monotonous. Worried about being too old-fashioned and boring? It’s very likable to change into a handsome and fashion outerwear.

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