Hoodie and skirt can make you beautiful and comfortable

For the most versatile outfit, the first choice is a hoodie, in winter and spring and summer. A hipster wears womens hoodies in style.          

Especially the collocation with gauze skirt, the item that won’t contrast these two styles strongly before but Lin Zhi Ling is patted recently in using a shallow gray sweater to match dark gray long gauze skirt, which is beautiful and advanced again.

Hooded Animal Prints Hoodie
Hooded Animal Prints Hoodie

Not long ago Li Bingbing also is like this, which is blue hooded hoodie matching black gauze skirt to be athletic and recreational.

This is very popular abroad, if you feel two kinds of items are incoherent really, you can try to be united in color and look more natural.

Choose a short hooded top that elongates your legs with a high-waisted skirt is easily proportioned.

If you want to be youthful and look good on your legs, you can wear short skirts. The hoodie itself is full of student air.

Collocation with jackboot is more fashionable.

Denim hemlines are fresh and easy and you can pair them with light-colored hoodies for a spring/summer look.

Besides regular skirt outfit, the skirt outfit of individual character design also can be worn completely.

Oversize hoodies are still out of date and look easy and casual, but it’s easy to wear them with short legs.

Pleated skirts have always been the favorite of girls and can always express the gentleness of girls’ heart. Wearing a thin sweater on this season creates an unprecedented feeling.

The fold skirt with metallic simple sense will match the hoodie that has printed cartoon design to also have vigor quite.

Tall waist in long skirt always can give a dot French grace fully and the hooded garment that matches recreational nevertheless also does not affect its flavor at all and won’t too sedulous.

Hooded Zips Plain Hoodies
Hooded Zips Plain Hoodies

In addition, when choosing hoodies and dresses, we should also pay attention to the choice of printing and color. If the whole body is printed or the Logo is messy, for example, if there is a slogan or Logo on the chest of the shirt, then the pure color of the dress will be visually comfortable. If it is too simple, it is better to design the style.

The style of hoodie is much the same, if you want to wear a bit different,  you can make an article on skirt, for example irregular skirt places, which can let savor promotion one big cut.

The same color department of jacket and bottom outfit chooses more whole harmony, which had better be to pull open color.

Who said long A-line skirt can only be worn on the red carpet. In life with A hoodie is not impossible, but still it is easy to show the legs short, so it is necessary to wear high heels. In addition, the choice of the best sweater is not too loose, otherwise the top and bottom are too loose without spirit.

Broken flower skirt in the season of early summer also is right choice, with chromatic cute hoodies, so the mood follows.

Girls, are you going to try this on?

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