How many ways to wear white tops in your wardrobe?

In summer, everyone wear to be simple and light, so the white coat was one of the most popular items! Who doesn’t have cute tops in their closet? Today, YOKA is here to teach you how to play with cute tops to match the most beautiful summer!           

V Neck Loose Fitting Plain Blouses
V Neck Loose Fitting Plain Blouses

How do stars dress?

Liu Wen chooses a loose and casual white sweater to match her small black Prada bag, which looks very fresh.

The long sleeve top of Song Qian matches Chanel twill soft skirt, also showing a distinctive flavor.

Tang Yan’s bubble-sleeve shirt with black shorts may sound like an ordinary outfit, but she looks beautiful!

Speaking of Tang Yan’s casual style, a simple white sweater with tight leg pants can be very relaxed and good-looking.

Na Zha pairs a hoodie with a pleated skirt and flat shoes, which is simple.

Thin top covers the body and it’s also a very common collocation skill to match it with a slip skirt.

Turn Down Collar Metal Buttons Plain Blouses
Turn Down Collar Metal Buttons Plain Blouses

White matching skills.

A white top can go with many items, such as suspenders or colored shirts.

The shirt of white one word shoulder also is one of summer very popular sheet, also below tie-in pants, skirt, knickers.

The white shirt of big CK has the flavor of bull-puncher and the red pocket above is very dazzling. Actually a white shirt can match more possibility in summer.

The white shirt pulls its collar back to reveal the front of the chest, which can create a fashion.

If it’s a silhouette shirt, you’re welcome to buy one as it’s easy to shape and goes well with white.

Even if white shirt not tucked into the pants (in order to show the long legs) but still can also be in the following with a longer wide-leg pants, inside with high heels, so another way to wear white jacket is out!

Not only can the white shirt be mixed with other colors, but it can also be matched with the white itself to create a layering effect, such as this white dress.

White clothes are also good friends with tannins, and a white top with jeans and bags and shoes can be the same color.

White shirt fills a garment horn only, which sleeve is long, the duty field that tie-in black pants can enter duty field completely is modern. White sock does not try easily only. There still having more trendy tops to make a collocation and study quickly!

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