Long Boots Has Become Popular in the Fashion Circle

Girls who are accustomed to wearing high heels must also not miss high-heel long boots and ankle short boots, which not only extend the proportion of the lower body, but also modify the calf line. Of course, boots with too high shafts or boots with shafts lower than the ankle bone must be avoided because the length is really embarrassing. After solving the troubles of early selection of “short coat + short boots”, I will teach the sisters some ideas for dressing. After getting these ideas, you can definitely wear your own style.

If the short coat is inferior to the long coat, you can wear the same color to make the upper and lower body colors echo. Wearing this way directly stretches the longitudinal lines of the body, which can also show height and enhance the aura. Specifically, you can find inspiration from the outfit below. From top to bottom and from the inside to the outside, you can wear a pair of high-quality creamy white short boots. The lower body also chooses high-waist pants that raise the waistline and tuck the top into the waistband to further highlight the proportion of the legs.

If you think that only one color for a whole body shape is too monotonous and not layered enough, you can make the coat and the matching short boots the same color, and it can also play a color echoing effect. For example, in the following outfit, a black short coat can be matched with a pair of black mid-heeled ankle boots. Even if you wear white pants, it will not make your look top-heavy and unstable.

Sometimes wearing short coats and short boots or long boots seems that the body proportions and body curves are not good enough. The reason is that the length of the single product is not well connected. If the lengths are not connected properly, even if you wear a full-scale short coat or short boots, you still can’t wear it well. If you wear a coat with a length below the hip line, short boots can choose a style with a lower shaft. Try to show the legs as much as possible to make the legs look particularly long.

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