Matching these 6 striped suits will make you look stylish

Ugly stripes? That is because you haven’t really seen casual blazers for women. Hold concurrently fashionable with chic stripe, having thin effect on the vision, this is household name.

Here are 6 casual blazers for women to help you look stylish. Interested girls do not hesitate and quickly make up together to learn it.

Fold-Over Collar Double Breasted Contrast Piping Plain Long Sleeve Blazers
Fold-Over Collar Double Breasted Contrast Piping Plain Long Sleeve Blazers


Ugly stripes? Now let’s share the first of these 6 striped suits. Matching navy striped suit and striped trousers make you look elegant, feminine and intellectual. Add black wedges to your feet and you’ll be tall and beautiful in minutes. Have you learned?


Chaste and immaculate white brings a person pure and fresh and free from vulgarity breath, which is very attractive. Ugly stripes? Pick white striped suit and white wide-leg pants, and a sense of elegance comes and make you look stylish. Belt of the black on waist bundle, in a minute presents small pretty waist and let you stand out in the crowd, waiting for you to hold up.


For a little more flair, this look is sure to impress you. Picking blue striped suit and light blue jeans combines elegance with handsome to create a smart and casual style. It is also the most free and easy style of these 6 striped suits. Match cream-colored high-heeled shoes on the foot, which will add intellectual with delicate air.

Collarless Slit Pocket Plain Blazer
Collarless Slit Pocket Plain Blazer


Ugly stripes for girls? Let me teach you a move, please fast get navy blue stripe suit, and white leggings unlined upper garment, which is agile and stylish again. Lower body collocation is black jeans, there is a breath restoring ancient ways in frank sex and teach you to wear a foreign gas fan. The nine-point length of black jeans shows off the compact ankle and has a significant age-reducing effect. Go up to match black ankle boots on the foot, feminine is out.


Match the same color with the whole look. It is also in this 6 stripe suit collocation and the most admirable one and it is very grab an eye. Ugly stripes? Picking black striped suit and Burgundy hoodie makes you a sweet 18-year-old. Bottom outfit chooses black stripe trousers, all show romance and chic, which show vigor. Black ankle boots get full energy.


Let’s share the last of these 6 cheap blazers. Pick gold striped suits and blue jeans, which is stylish and will teach you how to dress well. The hemline design of jeans bottom, whose fashionable degree still is not reduced. On the foot collocation, red pointed ankle boots will make you on fire.

Ugly stripes? Matching these 6 casual blazers for women will teach you how to look stylish.

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