Most fashionable high-heeled shoes

Sneaker is on fire, but high-heeled shoes still is fashionable from beginning to end. For spring/summer in 2018, these five striking pairs of high heel pumps are right.

Plain Chunky High Heeled Velvet Round Toe Date Pumps
Plain Chunky High Heeled Velvet Round Toe Date Pumps

Sneaker is the absolutely dominant position in these a few season on the show but to those senior class, ash class or incurable, high-heeled shoes is the heart that they give up from start. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to heels for a long time, let’s take a look back at those eye-popping heels this spring and summer.

Belgian designer Anthony Vaccarello has been working on accessories since taking over at Saint Laurent. In the category of footwear, donkey boots, YSL logo stiletto heels and tall leaves from previous seasons have all been highly successful. In 2018, Saint Laurent continues to work on high heels, with strappy stiletto heels and doesn’t feel too low.

Altuzarra 18 spring and summer show uses a lot of weaving elements in shoe design which can be said to be full of creativity. Altuzarra, who has grown into a force in New York fashion, has always impressed with her craftsmanship and these heels are no exception. With chic appearance and exquisite workmanship, I believe American Vogue’s Anna Wintour will admire Altuzarra again.

Plain Stiletto High Heeled Round Toe Date Outdoor Platform Heels
Plain Stiletto High Heeled Round Toe Date Outdoor Platform Heels

“Orange is the New Black” was a hit in the United States a few years ago, and even in the fashion industry. Alexander Wang, who is billed as a designer for trendy girls in lower New York City, is a big fan of the trend. This time, Choker made a pair of high heels out of the prison’s electric fence. Is she the Dangerous Woman that Ariana Grande sings about?

When it comes to sharpness, Alxander Wang’s prison fence heels and Balenciaga cannot compare. Other punks play with rivets and stuff that Balenciaga doesn’t bother with. These shoes are real shoes, and they have thorns all over them. Besides gimmick, shoe itself line is fluent and color is bright.

When it comes to the most playful fashion designer, diva Rihanna easily crushed professional designers and personally takes goods for Puma. The thick bottom shoes made into a stylish single and let all designers follow the wind in the shoes tied with a bow. Rihanna again and again makes action to prove that she is the most playful singer, but also the most designer. This time, Rihanna is going to challenge your beauty standards with a shower? Do you want casual sneakers? It’s ugly, until Rihanna decides it’s not.

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