Pullover shirt is more stylish than hoodie!

Pullover shirt is more fashionable than hoodies and more convenient than jackets. When you are tired of wearing hoodies and don’t want to match a coat with an inside match, you can try pullover sweaters. It is easy to go out with a suit.

Round Neck Loose Fitting Knit Pullover
Round Neck Loose Fitting Knit Pullover

Stars have taken to it:

Zhong Chuxi shows up at Shanghai airport, wearing jeans overalls with pink fleece inside, spouting tongue and looking nice.

Ni Ni’s airport private cloth is a Gucci retro sports Gucci logo dress, really showing white beauty big long legs!

Song Qian wears a Buberry blue hooded blazer with a black tulle skirt and a pair of Martin boots.

Song Qian appeared at the airport, wearing a black zipper sweater with a pleated skirt, and a fashionable belt at the waist to outline the waist and adding modeling sense.

Jolin wears oversized half zipper motion wind coat, playing “missing” the lower body with a pair of knee-high boots to the thigh length and it set up a set of the modelling of pink.

 High Neck Loose Fitting Patchwork Geometric Knit Pullover

High Neck Loose Fitting Patchwork Geometric Knit Pullover

Yuan Shanshan’s zippered blazer, which she paired with baggy jeans, adds a sense of sophistication by Normcore and red pointed ankle boots.

Wang Luodan uses black zipper jacket to go with small black pants, and white athletic shoes. A suit of black and white look is cool and handsome.

This zip-up athletic top is street hip. Yi Yang Qian Xi has a headband and become a hip-hop boy.

More examples for zip-up pullover shirt.

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