What’s new with this spring shirt?

Shirt as a classic fashion single can be worn in four seasons. Cute blouses are good-looking and slightly designed single is a different feeling or a different style. How can you be around without cute blouses this spring? It’s time to get out your shirt and put it on.

Autumn Spring Women Decorative Button Plain Long Sleeve Blouses
Autumn Spring Women Decorative Button Plain Long Sleeve Blouses

So how can you look good in your shirt this spring?

All design above should have the foundation that takes everywhere already and to choose the shirt design that has a few designs.

Opt for asymmetrical off-the-shoulder shirts.

You can also opt for an open-back shirt.

Then there is the shirt with unique sleeve design, which is also a good choice for you.                         

We should say collocation. Shirts can be worn singly or internally. Can you match them all?

In early spring how to wear to look good?

Sweater + shirt.

Sweater + shirt this group needs not say much. The weather is still not very warm and shirt is a little thin, so with a sweater is the best look.

Wear both inside and out.

Or like Zhang Xueying, with a sweater and jacket, there is a feeling of school uniforms from Japan and South Korea.

Suit + shirt.

What to wear with the suit most? Of course, it is the shirt.

Liu tao’s basic style, paired with a suit, has the air of an overbearing President. If you replace it with Tang Yan’s less formal shirt, you will feel like a little girl.

Autumn Spring Cotton Women V-Neck Plain Long Sleeve Blouses
Autumn Spring Cotton Women V-Neck Plain Long Sleeve Blouses

Different shirts and suits can create different fashion sense. You can choose whatever you like. You can choose any style you like.

If you don’t want to buy that many shirts, go with the basics. A simple design can go with all your spring coats.

You can wear all kinds of clothes!

Shirt + skirt.

A strapless skirt is also a great choice.

Shirt + trousers.

A shirt with a little bit of design on the sleeves is paired with black jeans and a pair of black sling back shoes to show long legs and a vibrant red lip.

Or changing into white pants and white shoes are also very good, and this kind of wearing is brighter.

The shirt can also be worn with a variety of blue jeans, including small feet, straight legs, and flared jeans. It looks good on anything.

Finally, I would like to recommend some cute blouses to wear.

I can’t be around without women’s blouse this spring. Are girls going to choose a shirt?

The shirt understands you!

Spring is indeed the most suitable season to wear a shirt, and as the basic material for a wardrobe, one believes that every girl has at least one or two cute blouses.

After the weather turns warm, the shirt that can wear alone was played by fashionable people again to make new pattern.

V Neck Loose Fitting Dot Blouses
V Neck Loose Fitting Dot Blouses

The long ribbon design at the neckline adds a romantic freshness to the classic striped shirt.         

The cuff flounce design is versatile! No matter how the figure, how the color of skin, it can inject some vitality for spring!

Besides the little clever thinking on detail, a variety of mixed means also cannot be ignored in fashionable distance!

From supermodel Liu Wen to Victoria Beckham, it has to be said that wearing a turtleneck sweater under a shirt is both flattering and easy.

Pink hoodie with the same color department plaid shirt makes Yang Mi pretty and fashionable.

Round Neck Patchwork Lace Blouses
Round Neck Patchwork Lace Blouses

Actually besides black and white, one still recommends to change the shirt of bright color very much in early spring.

Of course! If bright colors are too challenging for you to wear, you can make small changes to the classic look.

Don’t follow the rules and regulations of the button but fold clothes tucked in the waist, which both highlight the waist line and also bring some fresh feeling of early spring for Look!

If you want long legs, wear clothes that fit in your pants.

Gilr in front of the screen, it’s time to go out in beautiful women’s blouse!

It’s just the wrong color

Everybody has basic item, but combination however cannot be fashionable for everyone. But women’s blouse and skirt combine and let you become fashionable Icon!

Autumn Spring Polyester Women Turn Down Collar Decorative Button Geometric Long Sleeve Blouses
Autumn Spring Polyester Women Turn Down Collar Decorative Button Geometric Long Sleeve Blouses

40 ℃ high temperature weather comes and it is really uncomfortable, but if we dress with a cool and refreshing cute blouses that is absolutely refreshing!

Yes, actually beautiful summer outfit also can be so simple and jacket plus skirt can be done easily, which is contracted and good-looking while still adding a small happiness for summer!

Actually comfortable cloth that you have, and the contracted modelling of this kind of jacket + half skirt also need not spend mental power too only if you choose right color. Pure and fresh feeling comes on the face and cannot be blocked!

So the question is, how do you dress looking unique? Watch the stars’ demonstration first:

Yang zi wears Carven white shirt. The flower outline not only keeps the relaxed sense of the shape, but also makes the excessive shape very smooth and natural, with Carven Eyelet gold round bag to create a youthful and beautiful fashion style.

Wang Ziwen wears shirt of light color bull-puncher. Although color is not quite relaxed, but the black Dior bag together with skirt and Hermes oblong leather boots where color is too thick and show modern individual character.

He Cong’s modelling is simple and clear. Shirt of white circle collar matches bull-puncher short skirt. Pure and fresh girl look reduces age at the same time.

Zhang Li wears a sky-blue shirt, paired with a khaki straight skirt and black leather shoes. The yellow mini-bag brings a sense of fun to the style, revealing a lovely girl’s heart.

Jin Chen wears shirt of white flounce leaf edge, the skirt that take navy blue bull-puncher to bind below skirt and Puma small white shoe. Contracted modelling is appearing and it blows wind of a school.

Qi wei wears a white T-shirt with a denim shirt tied around her waist, a green army slit-skirt and white shoes.

Summer style is mainly in light color and choosing a dark solid color skirt is easy. Light color jacket brings the cool on visual sense and brings remarkable thin body effect, avoiding awkwardness and it is simple and easy to learn!

With the above “top light bottom dark” experience, we can try the opposite, with a light skirt to match the dark coat. Of course, you need to pay attention to: coat color cannot be too dark! Otherwise the whole look will look dull and old fashioned.

The girl who is full of love for color should not be in a hurry. In line with the principle of “all collocation is given priority to with light color”, it is absolutely no problem to match colored skirt with light color blouse, such as beige and red. But if, like hipsters, you opt for a solid bright red and you’ll have to swap it out for a lighter top or it will oversaturate and stand out.

Turn Down Collar Loose Fitting Plain Blouses
Turn Down Collar Loose Fitting Plain Blouses

Natural design of pure and fresh flower is the element with summer indispensable, if you want to build a high-grade feeling, jacket must be white! White! White! Otherwise the whole modelling falls short and there is no pure and fresh feeling and fashionable feeling at all!

No matter it is the geometrical design with beautiful color or intellectual atmosphere is able to blend in stereo feeling for modelling normally, we are tie-in for it a frivolous light color jacket and create a strong aura!

Bigger is uglier? Now I come to tell you a recruit “lazy person secret book” that is white color suitable clothes! Remember: bust skirt should better be the gauze skirt of over length as far as possible and lightsome and elegant skirt places the relaxed girl!

Have seen so many cute blouses as demonstrations, I believe no matter what you are tie-in, you can find the summer style that suits oneself!