A Must-have Item In Classical Collocation

Clothing is a symbol of one’s taste and life. When you are dressed generously and elegantly, it’s easy to make a good impression. Keep clothes that are simple in design, and can be paired with anything . So I would like to share you spring and summer collocations in 2018. If you want to seize the day, why not wear these cute clothes for women in Berrylook?

V Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts
V Neck Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts

First of all, a solid colour T-shirt is both versatile and fashionable. You can look great with a solid colour shirt styled with dress or other item. It’s easy to create a streat casual style with jeans or elegant gentle feelings with skirt. The T-shirt is the ace of summertime joker, no matter be, can wear easily with knickers , skirt or trousers piece relaxed with vogue.

Want to have purest wearable form of authenic self-expression? You can pair a denim boyfriend pants for women. The sleek look of a skinny with the familiar feel of chino cotton. These chinos are cut for a skinny fit in exceptionally light, breathable fabric and feature light distressing for that slightly worn in look you love.

Solid Double Layer Chiffon Wide-Leg Casual Pants
Solid Double Layer Chiffon Wide-Leg Casual Pants

There is a new satirical sentence coined by Internet users, “you’re a thousand roast beef sandwiches wrapped in a gorgeous leather jacket”. However, most of the world’s best shoes and purses are made out of leather, so it really makes no sense that we wouldn’t be able to wear them year round. If you’re really worried about this one, just pick lighter weight fabrics and go with lighter colors of suede and leather for the summer months

Looking for a way to upgrade your look without changing your whole wardrobe? Our answer is simple: to buy cheap women’s clothing in berrylook, which invest in a new, fun women’s clothing online.

How To Choose Clothes Fit Your Figure

Everybody usually pays attention to dressing and match cheap clothes for a long time. Have you found that there is an important factor that affects our outfit? It is figure. With different size and figure, the feeling of wearing the same dress is of course completely different. Therefore sometimes for the same simple staple, it fits perfect for some girls and fits terrible for other girls. Do not complain about clothes, let’s see how to choose the right women’s clothing online.

I get a picture of four types of common figures of girls today, so that everyone can see what kind of body they belong to, so that they know what suits them. As picture shows, the figures of girls are roughly divided into four types: hourglass, inverted triangle, pear and rectangle.

Off Shoulder Plain Bodycon Dress
Off Shoulder Plain Bodycon Dress


Hourglass-type figure refers to the body shape like an hourglass: upper and lower body are very strong. Relatively thick and plump shoulder and chest. Hips are larger. The waist is relatively small. This figure is usually more full and sexy. If you are an hourglass, it means that you have a good figure, and don’t need to worry about how to wear.

Tip: Always use a belt to fully demonstrate the slimness of your waist.

Suitable for girls with strap dress, unstoppable against dated wave! It can be paired with any single staple, almost without any mistakes. No matter whether you wanna be casual or cute, all kinds of styles can be freely converted. Highly recommended cheap women’s clothing in berrylook.

After several revisions by the designer, this half-necked knit sweater is suitable for the girl’s size. The collar is not deformed, and the skin is not directly touched when people wear it! Try it on if you like!

2、 Inverted Triangle

The shape of an inverted triangle means that your shoulder is wider and even larger than your hip. If a girl appears to have such a figure, she can easily appear to be bulky and thick if she is improperly dressed.

Tip: The upper body style is simple, do not wear off the shoulder clothes. You can wear A-line skirts. Loose pants are a good choice.

A small black skirt is a must-have item in the closet! The lively skirt is suitable for any occasion. Whether you are dating, shopping, participating in PARTY, or playing on the beach, it can make you the focus.

Round Neck Embossed Design Patchwork Bodycon Dress
Round Neck Embossed Design Patchwork Bodycon Dress

3、Triangle/Pear Shape

The triangle is a pear-shaped figure, characterized by thin upper and fat lower body. The figure of girls is often caused by sedentary.

Tip: use a loose style top to modify the body. In recent years, the popular off the shoulder and lotus leaf are very suitable for pear shaped girls! The lower body can choose wide-legged pants like this loose version.

This strapless off the shoulder top design is quite chic. According to the overall mix, different girls should wear different styles, which can be sweet and handsome. The lace elements and narrow scarves tie together form a bow, which is a bit more glamorous.

Round Neck Belt Striped Raglan Sleeve Shift Dress
Round Neck Belt Striped Raglan Sleeve Shift Dress


The rectangle is an H-shaped figure that is almost the same upper and lower body. Because of the lack of lines, you need to choose a waist-fitting style.

Tip: X-type dress is particularly suitable for a rectangular body! Usually use a belt, highlight the waistline.

This two-piece suit has a stylish neckline design that can make your face look smaller than it actually is and embellishs the chest. The simple cuff design modifies the hand lines and highlights the beauty of the curves of the female arms.