The Best Jewelry Trends This Summer

Have a look at some shiny and trendy jewelry accessories this summer. So the temperature rises and we are forced to wear lightweight garments, but how to make us look fashion and chic? The fashion jewelry can brighten up you image and underline your uniqueness. Here are some women’s jewelry to help you figure out what are your favorites.

White Pearl Rhinestone Necklace

NO.1 Yeah Jewelry

Yeah Jewelry dedicates to make a relaxed design brand, emphasizing  originality and creativity of the product,and always adheres to hand-made jewelry in order to ensure the quality and uniqueness of each piece of jewelry in quality.

The Lilliputian jewelry collections is inspired by the small inhabitants of the hypothetical world in Gullivers Travels. Small decorations may seem little, but when you focus on them, they are magnified in front of your eyes.

Sitting on the moon, a man says to himself..This necklace is delicate and lovely.The man on the jewelry is not bigger than a fingernail, and you can clearly see his body in detail. How difficult to make such a delicate necklace!

Three Layers Stone Pendant Necklaces


Keep you eyes on rings.Here are presented a pearl mounted on a fine golden ring with a timeless and femine allure. A touch of clear golden lines around the ring lends a soft sparkle to this sophisticated design.

NO.3 Rib

I think “You are my rib”is a beautiful love word. This is the first word Adam said to Eve after God created Eve with Adam’s ribs.

Fine, hand-made bone in detail is a focus of the design. If you have met your soulmate, you can put this ring on his hand, or if you haven’t met that person, give it to yourself. Let it be with you waiting for your ribs to come!

This gold-plated ring shapes like a slightly open mouth. Try this unique ring to keep you cool during hot days. High quality, delicate craftsmanship.