The shirt understands you!

Spring is indeed the most suitable season to wear a shirt, and as the basic material for a wardrobe, one believes that every girl has at least one or two cute blouses.

After the weather turns warm, the shirt that can wear alone was played by fashionable people again to make new pattern.

V Neck Loose Fitting Dot Blouses
V Neck Loose Fitting Dot Blouses

The long ribbon design at the neckline adds a romantic freshness to the classic striped shirt.         

The cuff flounce design is versatile! No matter how the figure, how the color of skin, it can inject some vitality for spring!

Besides the little clever thinking on detail, a variety of mixed means also cannot be ignored in fashionable distance!

From supermodel Liu Wen to Victoria Beckham, it has to be said that wearing a turtleneck sweater under a shirt is both flattering and easy.

Pink hoodie with the same color department plaid shirt makes Yang Mi pretty and fashionable.

Round Neck Patchwork Lace Blouses
Round Neck Patchwork Lace Blouses

Actually besides black and white, one still recommends to change the shirt of bright color very much in early spring.

Of course! If bright colors are too challenging for you to wear, you can make small changes to the classic look.

Don’t follow the rules and regulations of the button but fold clothes tucked in the waist, which both highlight the waist line and also bring some fresh feeling of early spring for Look!

If you want long legs, wear clothes that fit in your pants.

Gilr in front of the screen, it’s time to go out in beautiful women’s blouse!

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