Wear a handsome trench coat and be a queen

Time flies, and we are about to welcome the warm spring again. At this time, girls will consider adding a few clothes to their wardrobe. Today, I would like to formally recommend our handsome and fashionable cool trench coats to you. As long as the right collocation, it can deduce a youth idol drama.

Fold-Over Collar Striped Long Sleeve Trench Coats
Fold-Over Collar Striped Long Sleeve Trench Coats

The appearance of the trench coat is simply a fashion modeling bonus weapon. Speaking of which, I believe that girls will be very curious about the trench coat. After all, this is a very important issue. Often high clothing depends on matching skills, so if you want to wear a windbreaker in the spring, quickly look at these matches and perhaps there will be an unexpected surprise.

Tie-in 1: windbreaker + wide pants.

Wide leg pants belong to hot item instantly. In winter you still can wear secretly inside long pants and block the visual effect that the flesh shows. The element of bud silk is the windbreaker that meets khaki. When blue meets khaki, tonal collocation is just right and very comfortable.

The wide pants of denim fabrics are just right.

Tie-in 2: windbreaker + tight pants.

If you want to look slim, then you have to buy a black piece and the black jeans with holes. The upper part of the body chooses a light color and clean and fresh white inside, so everything is so beautiful. With different shades of the collision, girls did feel a spell free and easy temperament.

Notch Lapel Drawstring Plain Trench Coat
Notch Lapel Drawstring Plain Trench Coat

Match 3: windbreaker + jeans.

Throughout the year, jeans are a very common item, so girls can be assured to get this set. Capricious girl will according to her own preferences choose the color of the windbreaker, which is a very happy thing. Girls can refer to the choice of the interior, which is very easy to wear a different style.

Blue jeans with holes are also very popular, and girls don’t have to worry about wearing them out of fashion.

Match 4: windbreaker + pleated skirt.

It is the privilege of a girl to wear a skirt, and pleated skirt is always ivy in the fashion circle. Therefore, the matching of light color on the upper body and dark pleated skirt on the lower body form a strong visual contrast, allow us to see the fun of mixing and matching. Girl goes out like this and is really super high.

The collocation that light color fastens often can present a kind of small and pure and fresh style to the person on the vision, cool trench coats, and the dress of tie-in light color. It is the collocation that spring measures a body to make simply.

I recommend so many trench coats for women today. If you like it, you can use it as a reference

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