Where do you get all those nice sweaters?

There is a saying that the grass is always greener on the other side. And why cute sweaters of somebody else are so pretty? In fact, their cool sweaters are also from certain places. ELLE do you a favor and tell you a truth that there is some brands that you may not know but others have bought a lot, which is the most excellent sense of design and it is worthy!

Round Neck Floral Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover
Round Neck Floral Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

The opening must show out &Other Stories ——H&M’s high-end line. &Other Stories sweaters are also untested in their ability to appeal funs. Create Your Own Fashion Stories is its focus, which means not going with other brands and every girl can create her own style. Out of Europe brand itself, the sweater that produces by it is outstanding no matter it is about appearance, edition or cost performance.

To sum up the Other Stories sweaters is to take the concept of ‘loose’ to the extreme. There’s a one-size-fits-all version of the sweater, but it balances out the size and spirit of the sweater by shortening the length and changing the sleeve shape. For example, a ginger-color sweater from web celebrity Alyssa Coscarelli, with large bat sleeves and a delicate turtleneck, was loose but not flabby, bright but not eye-catching. The dress was both inclusive and ladylike.

The sweater of &Other Stories is never to catch loose for this fashion. Different collar model, sleeve length, and close length have to be exquisite. For example, when it involves the circle rib, they use the way which widens the collar to increase the circle to get the simple sense and reduce the distortion of showing the inferior quality. When it comes to short styles, the sleeves will be lengthened to achieve the visual effect of high waist and long hands. When it comes to turtleneck sweaters, they are designed to be half turtleneck to avoid the fraying and shackling of a turtleneck.

What’s more, &other Stories sweaters look exceptionally soft and skin-friendly and don’t oversaturate the colors, which cater to the current trends of “Aqua pink” and “Morandi color.” Now everyone is keen on wearing a sense of advanced, and the advanced sense of &Other Stories is not constructed through without makeup. Its atmosphere, simplicity and a bit of laziness may not make you the focus of the whole street, but it is enough to make you a unique, comfortable and be an eye-pleasing fashion story.

Usually when it comes to sweaters, what else can you say besides one collar and two sleeves? That’s because your sweater isn’t good enough! Take a look at this British luxury niche brand, Joseph, whose sweaters don’t follow the rules, like this one from blogger Leonie Hanne, which comes with a scarf that can be wrapped up or down, and whose slanted buttons blend into the wrap’s popular design.

V-Neck Decorative Hardware Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover
V-Neck Decorative Hardware Plain Long Sleeve Sweaters Pullover

In addition to sweater and scarf integration design, even the popular fair island pattern, Joseph’s designer said I do not want to have fun. With its asymmetrical blue, white and yellow pattern and sweater hem, the Fair Isle is both festive and cultural, and has its own image. Find no reason not to like it!

First a group of stereos Vinyls signature style, yes, people like to put the mood on the clothes. A little ugly, a little cute, a little creative, a little weird, a little wanted to buy.

Sometimes people sigh that the modern society makes people more and more accustomed to hide their true feelings and will practice a shape in the color of steel. And Stereo Vinyls is doing the opposite, just a few brush strokes, and the mood was magnified to show in the trend. Let a person feel this kind of magnanimous, but is a kind of lovely courage! Secretly, put on a “meng” face on clothes and walk in the street, perhaps you also can meet a few friend eyes!

Who said being cute according to age? Stereo Vinyls has a collection with Pink panther that is ethereal, spontaneous and lively. It’s a cold day and it’s all black, white and grey. It’s time for some cartoons and cartoons to sprinkle some sugar on it.

But having a pink leopard isn’t cute enough. Stereo Vinyls also works with Peanuts to bring the beloved Snoopy to black and white striped cool sweaters. Oreo attributes of color and clever cool comic strip design, sorry, the first powder for respect!

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